Bob Stoops to Notre Dame is music to my ears

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EDIT - I'm not saying that stoops is a bad coach, but with a coach like Kelly, and a recruiter like Davis out there...I'd be thrilled to see them go with someone RichRod's staff has already pounded with inferior talent.



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...on ESPN that sources say he is the leading candidate. One source even said that the deal has already been struck and an announcement is just a formality. I doubt that is the case, but hopefully this is true.

All I really have to say about this is: Brennan Clay come on down!

Any chance Stoops leaving causes him to decommit? Not saying he would choose us if he did decommit, but given the fact that he and Tate are friends and Michigan's RB situation is pretty wide open for next year, I think we'd have a good shot at him.


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I think that Stoops at ND would be great for ND - he can coach and recruit. What would stop Brennan Clay and his current OU commits to follow him to ND?


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...he hates Catholics and thinks that Touchdown Jesus is sacrilegious. snark

I can't think of any real reason he wouldn't follow Stoops or stick with Oklahoma. But the shakeup makes it more possible that he opens up his recruiting...and that gives us a shot possibly. At least a better one than we have now, no?


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I don't care either way.

Stoops is overrated. He doesn't get it done in the big games. If he went to ND, it'd be a step up from Charlie, but, they wouldn't be perennial MNC contenders like the Domers expect. Stoops at ND would probably look a lot like the Carr era at M in terms of record... 8-4 or 9-3 a lot, a BCS game here and there, and contending for the MNC maybe 2x over a ten year stretch.

Kelly, while there's reason to think he might be good... Well, he'd be looking at rebuilding a once very good program that's been down for 15 years. The man's a good coach, but at Cinci, he was able to build positive momentum by consistently exceeding very low expectations. At ND, who knows if he'd be able to repeat that.

Bottom line, neither one "scares" me.

Bottom line though, I don't think there's a snowball's chance that Stoops goes to ND.

And I don't think Kelly's a lock, but I think he's most likely at this point.


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I reside in Sooner Country and would be shocked if Stoops decides to bolt for the Domers. I, for one, think this is a lateral move. I don't think ND is the job it used to be. Anyways, the talk here is that he won't leave, although there is some talk that he does feel "unappreciated" OU's program was garbage when he got here. See- Schnellenberger, Blake.....


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On paper he would be good for the Domers.

In reality he's not leaving Oklahoma.

He's set to make an incredible amount of money from OU that even Notre Dame possibly cannot match. So he wouldn't be doing it for the money.

He can recruit better talent at a lower standard of academia. So he wouldn't be leaving for a better recruiting situation.

Oklahoma has been to more BCS games this decade than Notre Dame has been so he wouldn't be doing it to move to a better program (presently).

I believe Oklahoma has also been the most successful team this decade in terms of winning percentage and overall victories (Correct me if I am wrong), yet again another reason that he's not leaving.


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He can recruit really well. Take it from someone who's tired of him raiding bluechips from the state of Texas over and over again.

He also knows a thing or two about coaching...


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I agree with the recruiting for sure. You don't see many people outside of the Texas/Big12 contingent of our commenters thinking about how big of a deal it would be for ND to have a guy that has strong ties to several of the best high schools in Texas. Say what you want about some of their recruits being overrated over the last few years, but I think Stoops would definitely be able to solidify those classes as top tier and not just media aided.

West Texas Blue

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Stoops would be a fantastic hire by ND. Great recruiter, develops talent well, and good coach. Big game coaching skills are average, but Stoops would do well at ND. I rather have Kelly at ND than Stoops.

Tim Waymen

November 30th, 2009 at 9:03 PM ^

Bob Stoops is still one of the best coaches in the country. Just because he has trouble in BCS games doesn't mean he's a bad coach. Same with Tressel (but your days are numbered you nerdy scumbag). Plus both are great recruiters. The idea that either should be fired is ludicrous. That said, I am not very wild about the idea of Stoops at ND.

As elite a job as ND is, Florida and Oklahoma are just as elite and possibly better. Unless Stoops is sick of Norman (apparently all the glitz and flashy celebrities in Norman are getting to him), he would be nuts to go to ND.

Raback Omaba

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There ain't no way that Stoops is going to South Bend.

He's set financially, and Oklahoma has the potential to be win a NC again.

Someone please explain to me how ND is a better job than Oklahoma?

Magnum P.I.

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O just grabbed the top 12 highest paid coaches. I didn't
realize Charlie rated that high on the pay scale. So Stoops
gets a 400K raise, is it worth it? He's not going to ND.

College Football Coaches Salaries - Top 100

1. Pete Carroll, USC

2. Charlie Weis, Notre Dame

3. Urban Meyer, Florida

4. Nick Saban, Alabama

5. Bob Stoops, Oklahoma
Big 12

6. Les Miles, LSU

7. Jim Tressel, Ohio State
Big Ten

8. Kirk Ferentz, Iowa
Big Ten

9. Mack Brown, Texas
Big 12

10. Bobby Petrino, Arkansas

11. Mark Richt, Georgia

T12. Rich Rodriguez, Michigan
Big Ten

steve sharik

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...who think that Brian Kelly is a better coach than Bob Stoops, I plead some perspective.

1) Bob Stoops can't win the big games? Um, national title in 2000 over a loaded FSU team. Plus, if we're going by record in big games, then I guess you must think Bo was overrated considering his record in the Rose Bowl.

2) Kelly's resume doesn't stack up yet, and isn't thick enough for a true big-time program. I'm not sure if I'd want him if I were a ND fan. Yet, that may be the best they can get.