Bob Davie Tells Dantonio and Izzo to Hold His Beer.

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Yes, I did take this from /r/CFB b/c it's still better to talk about than a bunch of Michigan Football troll threads. 

Allegations against Davie include... 


Sexual Assault Coverups 

Coach Davie met with the investigating officer and another football player who showed the officer a video of the victim – he believed was taken the night of the assault. Davie allegedly told the officer that the video undermined the victim’s credibility and continued to advocate for the player accused of rape.

The judge’s preliminary investigation confirms that UNM police investigators and supervisors were unhappy that the assault charges were dismissed – because they believed the evidence against the player in question was strong. Not only was their DNA evidence confirming the sexual conduct, but the player had admitted to using force after repeated pleas from the victim to stop. Witnesses who spoke to the judge claim Coach Davie held a team meeting in which he told players to “get some dirt on this w***e.”


Racial Discrimination Towards Players

· Players allege during a football camp in Ruidoso, New Mexico, four African American football players were sitting on a golf cart when Davie walked over and said, "What are you doing on a white man's tractor?" He also said golf was a white man's sport.


Physical Abuse Towards Players and Coaches

That ex-player says during a game UNM was losing, Davie told another player who was hurt and in a leg boot, “What the f**k is so funny?” and got in the player’s face. The ex-player said the injured player tried to turn his head away from Davie, but Davie grabbed him by the collar and pushed him until he fell to the ground. The injured player pulled Davie with him and they wrestled on the ground for a bit. The injured player ended up on top of Davie and left the game area entirely.

The same ex-player reported that players would call the football program “Auschwitz” because of how bad Davie made it, and they would call him “Massa Davie, ” referring to the slave term for a master.

 A retired employee of the Athletic Department said she heard stories that Davie may have lunged at a football player and may have grabbed a player’s head when he was being treated for a concussion.


That's all I could copy and paste. Read about more allegations here:…



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I saw this article last week. Davie never seemed like that bad of a guy. I guess you never really know someone .  Was it the competition angle that brought this out or was he just a dick and the situation brought that out .


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They can be. So can AIDS jokes, holocaust jokes, retard jokes, etc.

Take a minute to think of what you're saying -- that society has deemed your own individual mind no longer has control over what tickles it.

Not only isn't that possible, its a morally monstrous proposition. I'd argue that kind of thought-crime is as bas as racism and has some irony, because it makes mind-slaves of everyone.

It might not be funny to you. The golf cart bit wasn't funny to me at all. But you cant deign to tell other people what is funny to them, massa.


February 17th, 2018 at 1:05 PM ^

"The REAL racism is me not being allowed to be racist anymore!" 

Get a fucking grip. No one is busting down your door to take you to the gulag cause you had a racist thought.  People are just going to tell you that you're a piece of shit and you're going to have to deal with the fact that you're a piece of shit.  That's it.  Trying to compare that to racism, which has killed, raped and dismembered tens of millions of people, is self-delusional.  And it would be pretty funny... if it weren't racist.


February 20th, 2018 at 2:51 PM ^

I didn’t have a racist thought. People can still think I did, but they should base it on reality, not on a bullshit heuristic of jokes = bad. Consider the individual joke on its merits. I thought the golf cart joke was terrible and racist, which makes it doubly unfunny.

But a joke can be both racist and funny, and to argue that it can’t be is ridiculous.

The heart of the matter is that this kind of over-PC mind prosecution is the type of terrible, pernicious, wrong mentality that racism itself is. It’s prejudice against ideas instead of people.

Now deal with that. That statement above probably really pisses you off and you’ve got a bunch of replies to me because it’s ridiculous on it’s face. But now relax, and try to fight what it actually says and not what you think it does. I’m not saying PC joke stifling has as bad of consequences as racism. I’m not saying you disliking a joke is as bad as killing, raping, or dismembering anyone, much less tens of millions.

Is it fair to say that Nazism and Stalinism are both wrong? Even though the consequences were not the same? Even though the motivations were quite different? Of course. So your critique doesn’t work.

I’m saying the PC ideology itself, that you can discard an idea without regarding its value as an idea at all, is very similar to discarding a person’s personhood without regarding him as a person at all. It’s ignorant and immoral, it’s totalitarian and bullshit, just like racism. It’s based on prejudice and a fear to engage with the idea or the person.

People have become less racist by unsung reason over traditions, laws, social orders, norms, mores, etc. The current PC thing is just another thing we will have to use reason to overcome. I’m not an asshole because im racist. I’m not racist and am very probably on your side on almost all social and political issues. I’m an asshole because I have no respect for your type of lazy refusal to use your intellect and acceptance of authoritarian mindsets.

Everyone Murders

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First, these allegations against Davie are disgusting, and new news.

Second, the heap of allegations regarding Izzo and Dantonio are not as new, but on balance at least as disgusting. 

Raback Omaba

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I have a close family friend who’s son went to play for Davie at UNM recently. I was asked by my friend to speak with his kid a few months ago because he kind of looked up to me - the kid wanted to leave school and we all thought he was giving up too quickly and was homesick. He was on scholarship and we didn’t want to see him throw it away. I tried unsuccessfully to convince him to stay - he really, really did not like Davie or the general mood of the program. Made it seem like a very rotten culture.

A few weeks after he left these stories broke - sounds like I was wrong!


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long enough to forget his very dirty past. First thing he did at ND, after being tabbed HC, was tell their OL coach, Joe Moore, the man who brought him to ND was "Fuck you." This was after he drove to his house and told him at 64 he was too old and couldn't be depended on for another 4 to 5 years. He then told the players, the same day, their line coach had retired. Well, of course, this didn't go over well and ND, as expected, was sued. They paid a hefty sum - around 650,000(this was a few years ago), The AD lost his job and some other person in administration was separated from his duties as well. 

Seems like he did something equally as vile while at Tulane. Had a Grad Asst do some spying on an upcoming opponent. He got caught and Davie basically told him to get fucked as well. And he was without a job. Again the university paid money. Again Davie stayed. While assistant at Arizona he was indicted on 7 counts of fraud and conspiracy for falsifying travel documents. He didn't last there and moved on to Pittsburgh.  

Yeah, Bob Davie is a fucking asshole of the highest order. 

Hotel Putingrad

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I've been following this story for awhile but was too lazy to bring it up. But whenever I think of Bob Davie, I just hear that dull, vanilla monotone from when he was an announcer. it's almost inconceivable for me to hear him say anything that requires an exclamation point, much less anything crude or offensive that requires an exclamation point. All that being said, to hell with Bob Davie!


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Like others, I have heard a lot of stories about Bob Davie being a massive asshole to just about everyone through the years and that basically every program he has been at was happy to see him go, but holy shit....he outdid himself here. 



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"The criminal prosecution of the assault was terminated because the accusing student was no longer enrolled in the university." In what society is this okay?


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Many claim that he ‘becomes a different person when enraged’. Stories here of protection of certain players with elevated status. Physically confronting a player being examined for a possible concussion. Other physical altercations with players. A divided team. Blatant racism. How did this guy keep getting hired?