Bo statue unveiled at new Schembechler Hall

Submitted by Wolverine Devotee on April 4th, 2014 at 5:23 PM

@umichfootball keeps tweeting photos of the new Schembechler Hall Towsley Museum. The unveiling of the statue is later tonight.

EDIT: Bo statue unveiled. Outside the building.

Holy cow.....





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I realize perhaps you're not serious, but if you really do think the balls at the bottom are genuine issue from those years, take a look at the ball Willie Heston has on his knee in 1904 and then tell us it's the same shape as those in the new display:;c=bhl&ei=1&quality=3&v…


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Well, I agree with you.  10 wins wouldn't be remembered as a "great" year for MIchigan football.  But considering our last two years and our expectations, 10 wins would be pretty darn great in my mind.  If we only have three losses including our bowl game this coming year, that will be a big improvement and will be proof we're headed in the right direction.  I'd be very happy with that.


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Because football number 25 from that Vine is newish and does not look like a rugby ball?  No way that after every single Michigan win, someone saved a football.  I'd bet you a dollar, right now.


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and everyone was wondering why DB needs so much money!!!

haha... this is why...

send him your buffalo dollars, coins, ropes of gold, silver chains, whatever!  He'll melt and smelt them and turn them into walls of glory!


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Just so everyone is aware, and particularly for those who planned to make a day of it in Ann Arbor tomorrow, I believe the announcement also mentioned that the museum will be open from 9 AM until noon tomorrow. I am pretty sure they mentioned that long lines were anticipated, so if you plan to stop there, you'll probably want to make it your first stop tomorrow. 


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I dont know if this is a good thing or a bad thing but when I looked at the Michigan Legends picture I didnt remember Desmond Howard, Ron Kramer etc. I thought of Jeremey Gallon, Devin Funchess, Jake Ryan, Desmond Morgan, Devin Gardner, and Jordan Kovacs. 


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You have got to love how Michigan handles this stuff. The tradition. The facilities. It's no wonder, even during the down times, that student athletes fall in love with the University of Michigan.

(((GO BLUE)))

PS- I miss Bo. I used to complain about the same "run it up the middle" play that he loved so much. But, in hindsight, he was so much more to our University. I think they are on the right track with this "branding" finally. The Bo Brand.


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Great friend of mine happens to be one of the architects on the new building.  He sent me some photos from the opening today.  They sort of provide better perspective than the closeup shots from the twitter feed.

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he should be yelling at a ref and standing on flat astroturf, not what looks like a packed mound of dirt. The pose he's in is oddly non-committal. At least it looks like him in the face.