Bo Ryan on Mike and Mike after break (9:30 Eastern)

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Coming on to explain the Jarrod Uthoff transfer limitation situation.



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This dude says the kid never talked to him, then says he told the kid to call him if he has second thoughts about it when the kid told him he was leaving. That sounds like they talked about it. Then he proceeds to whine about how, as a coach, he's left out of the process after the kid wants to leave. Just let him leave, you big douche.


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His major issue, other than the obvious, is that he was not told why Uthoff wants to transfer and this is supposedly part of the process to make him appeal and explain where and why he wants to transfer.


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What would Bo Ryan do if a woman broke up with him?


Would Bo Ryan try to restrict what other men a woman could see until she explained to him why she left him? Sounds like it. One of you should give him a hug and a pat on the shoulder and tell him, as gently as possible, to grow up and get over it.



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"Oh, you're breaking up with me?  Fine, you can't date any of my friends, anyone I see on a regular basis, or any of your ex-boyfriends. Oh, and while we're at it, nobody who's taller than me.  So yeah, you're free to go date any chicks you want or short dudes that I don't know.  Have a good day."




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I like the part where the Mikes call him out on the comparison between professional contracts and a college scholarship.  Ryan cites the "fine print" on a scholarship.  Never having been a scholarship athlete, I'd be curious what some of that fine print includes.

Out clause 1:  If you transfer, your coach reserves the right to be a douche.


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As is customary on the WWL, Cowherd is going to talk about what Mike and Mike talked about for 2 hours.  This may be a rare occasion where this site will agree with something Cowherd says as he is calling Ryan a turd.

Six Zero

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Dude totally got dogged out of his appearance, which had been hyped all morning.

Perhaps some good practice for being the Brady Quinn of next week's draft?

Leaders And Best

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MIchigan blocking Smotrycz from schools on the schedule for the next 2 years is not that big a deal because the schedule is not even set yet.  The only extra schools that included for Smotrycz was Iowa St, Arkansas, West Virginia, and Arizona.  Our B1G-ACC opponents for the next 2 years are not even set yet, and theoretically, we could still draw Maryland sometime in the next 2 years in the Challenge.

Ryan blocking the ENTIRE ACC and randomly Iowa State is what makes this situation different.  I can understand why he blocked Marquette (intrastate rival) and the B1G.


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We're not complaining about him blocking the B10, its about him also blocking all the Wisconsin schools, Iowa State (though who gives a f about Aimes, Iowa), and all of the ACC. Slightly excesive, no?


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I was drawing a distinction between Beilein's "Don't transfer to anyone we're absolutely going to play in the next two years" and Bo Ryan's "Don't transfer to anyone of whom I don't approve"


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Right, and the other thing, you tell a kid as good as Smot that he can't go to Alabama A&M, and he's not exactly gonna be tore up about it.  The obvious telling difference of course is that he did go to an ACC school.


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At least Beilein's conditions were rational.  Ryan's sound like he either used a dartboard or figured out what schools Uthoff would be interested in and kiboshed them out of spite.  

I understand the Big Ten thing, and sorta agree with it.  As long as the rest of the conference is doing the same thing, you almost have to do it to avoid being at a competitive disadvantage.  

Ultimately, though, if players already have to sit out a year, they should be able to go wherever they want.  The best thing about Ryan being a prick about it, and appearing to choose schools for his "list" solely to hurt Uthoff, is that discussions like this one are happening in a lot of places.


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As far as I'm concerned, Christian & Brundidge could have gone to another Big 10 School. I know they won't ever change the rule, but if someone has less than some threshold of minutes in the season, say less than 5% of total game minutes, I'd be ok with them going pretty much anywhere.


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I thought I had head somewhere that the penalty for an athlete transferring form one B1G school to another was an additional year of sitting out. If that isn't enough to discourage a kid just let him go ffs.


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If you transfer from one Big Ten school to another you sit out the required year per the NCAA, but the Big Ten has a policy where you aren't allowed to be on scholarship. Boren for example, paid for his years at TSIO with his lucrative Snow Plow business


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This seems to be the real rub with the guys on the radio.  They are using this as a chance to further expose the hypocrisy of the NCAA trying to have their cake and eat it too by calling their student athletes amateurs but treating them like paid staff.  Isn't Bilas one of the guys beating the pay the players drum?


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Dackich was on the radio before Ryan and mentioned that the only time he went above and beyond the B1G's no B1G rule was when players had been tampered wtih and contacted by other schools. He banned those schools and contacted the NCAA about the impermissable contact..