Blue Endzones at The Big House?

Submitted by Wolverine Devotee on December 19th, 2012 at 9:10 PM

Was just thinking about this today watching a replay of the 2008 Capital One Bowl. The look of the blue Michigan endzone was outstanding. What would you think if Michigan decided to do blue endzone backgrounds with "MICHIGAN" in the same Maize lettering as there is now instead of the current, plain look?

I think it would look pretty sharp. I'm pretty sure it would be the first Navy Blue endzones in the FBS? (EDIT: justingoblue proved me to be horribly wrong)

1998 Rose Bowl

2007 Rose Bowl

2008 Capital One Bowl


Wolverine Devotee

December 19th, 2012 at 10:17 PM ^

I don't see changing the endzones to Blue as a gimmick. Pretty much the entire B1G has colored endzones, as does the SEC, Big 12 etc. 

Brandon wants as many home games as he can get. I think it will be a really long time before we see Michigan play another neutral regular season site game. The last one before the Cowboys Classic was in 1950 against army at Yankee Stadium. 


December 19th, 2012 at 10:25 PM ^

You seemed to say that it was a good idea because no one did it, now you seem to think it's a good idea because EVERYONE does it.

As for the neutral site games, you do realize that Michigan went that long without a neutral site game, and then we had one within two years of DB being hired, yes?


December 19th, 2012 at 11:33 PM ^

Uniformz are not a gimmick either?

Alright look.  In my more honest moments I will admit that painting the end zones blue isn't the kind of thing where I feel good about myself in being a get-off-my-lawner.  It's a minor thing and kind of silly to get worked up about.  But the fact that it's a minor thing makes it a gimmick.  Period.  It doesn't do anything but sit there and look different.  And change for the sake of change is stupid.  As is "everyone else does it so we should too."

P.S. if you think Brandon isn't down with the neutral site games any more, you've missed out on the whole UConn saga.


December 19th, 2012 at 10:10 PM ^

Highlighter endzone. Blue endzone. Alternate highlighter and blue every five yards on field. Blue pants, highlighter helmet with blue wings. Highlighter jerseys. Arbys logos in end zones. Arena football is awesome. Herm help us.


December 19th, 2012 at 11:04 PM ^

(Sorry ahead of time for the format. On Android so no paragraphs allowed)
Now that the topic has kind of shifted to "uniformz" and overall whoring of tradition, I will first say I could care less what our endzone looks like as long as we win. Now, onto the other things:
1. A rare uniform change is generally fine with me in principal. I say "in principal" because as a top tier traditional power in CFB I think we don't have to change a damn thing to look great. That said, recruits & players do like a little "swag" (my LORD, I said "swag"....smh) and change can be good sometimes. Yet, we aren't Oregon or a school that needed or needs that niche to get recruits so I just don't like the drastic changes we have seen. My most beloved UM unis were the late 90's - early 2000's Nike kits. The colors were correct and they just popped. Back then, our "special" or "alternate" uniforms were a slightly darker home Blue with all wearing knee high socks (like the game where we dismantled sparty after the EL longest second robbery game). It was so subtle but noticed by the true UM fan. Now, I'm not sure I've liked (not hated but not liked) any of the recent uniform changes under DB and Adidias. The UTL jersey was a shock but kind of cool. Yet, had we lost it would not be as beloved. I think the unanimous low rung was the 2011 sparty bumblebee jersey. Win or lose, just atrocious. These bowl jerseys just scream "LOOK, GUYS! WE CAN, TOO!" and it's just not necessary for such big change being Michigan. Maize and Blue, winged helmet and line it up. Not highlighter yellow, stripes on pads, uneven piping on all jerseys, etc. The only thing I have little issue with is the helmet. If our colors were correct under Adidias, a matte finish to the blue could be made to look almost black and it could pop. These helmets just look like a navy chalkboard with wings. Final word on it is that Hoke seems to be mum on all of it. Maybe DB and Hoke realize we have to do shit like this JUST long enough to get whatever edge we can to get UM caliber kids back on that field. Unlike Oregon and that crowd, I think winning will have us pulling back on the "uniformz". Also, going back to Nike just to get our colors right and telling them to eat a dick over pro combats would be fine by me. Nike doesnt hve to = uniformz.
2. When it comes to neutral site games I think I am in the minority. In the BCS format I have always wondered why any major conference team would play anyone but cupcakes for their OOC. Do what most of the SEC does and it is a few gimme wins and a half day for your starters. Tons of perks as voters don't care is a Bama played 2 non-FBS schools but ran the table. Why we went a decade going out West to play Oregon or UCLA bothered me. Heck, I don't even think ND should be a yearly thing and am glad we're taking a break. Not for fear but just to stop giving them another major game when they refuse to join ANY conference and get special treatment. So, I was 3 home cupcake games and our B10 schedule under the BCS. With a coming playoff system, a major conference undefeated is in as long as that conference is not on a major downslide. They are especially in if a major name like a Texas, Michigan, osu, LSU, Bama, etc. Period. I admit that if the BCS formula has zero to do with seeding, polling and selecting than they may be necessary to have a major win to point to if undefeated with a few others or even a one loss trying to sneak in with undefeateds. So, Im on the fence. I'd prefer major neutral matchups once we get UM caliber talent in and experienced, though. Haha.
3. Finally, also think I'm in the minority with pumped in music. Sure, it could be done better but lets be honest and admit that even with the renovations our crowds arent known for their insanity when playing anyone but rivals and big games/comebacks, etc. Lots of quiet 100k+ crowds. So, could be done better but pump sound if it helps us.


December 19th, 2012 at 11:12 PM ^

send some pics in to the athletic department of some drawings of what you think the endzone should look like. Who knows maybe they'll use your idea, stranger things have happened!