The blown call no one is bitching about, and what the silence says

Submitted by Muttley on November 10th, 2013 at 11:08 AM

The Nebraska center was obviously late snapping the ball on 4th & 2 at the Michigan 31 on their game-winning drive.  "Illegal procedure, the whole team" should have been the words out of the official's mouth.  Instead, the Nebraska gain of 26 yards on a pass to Kenny Bell stood.

It should have been a 4th and 7 do-over.

Clearly, M fans seem to be sensing that we have bigger problems than a single loss.



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It's the same thing as an onside kick.

I don't know what the reasoning is, but I assume it's to encourage punt returns. If defenders could turn muffed punts into touchdowns, then I think more punt returners would avoid catching the ball. Because basically, if a guy muffs a punt, there's a very good chance that it will be picked up and run into the endzone since the returner is the only guy deep and everyone else is blocking.


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Let's not pretend the refs lost that game for us. Plus, Nebraska didn't get the play off in time when that wide receiver fumbled and we recovered it. Had the refs made the right call there, we would've had one less possession. With our offense, it's arguable whether that's actually a good thing but Jesus Christ people, we lost that game because we have a terrible coaching staff and a young team. Let's put the blame where it belongs.


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So a delay-of-game penalty would have moved Nebraska back to their 17.

As it turned out, Nebraska got the ball at their 35 after


Michigan at 0:42 NEB MICH
1st and 10 at NEB 33 Devin Gardner pass incomplete to Jeremy Gallon. 10 10
2nd and 10 at NEB 33 Devin Gardner rush for a loss of 2 yards to the Neb 35.    
  End of 3rd Quarter    

4th Quarter Play by Play

Michigan at 15:00 NEB MICH
3rd and 12 at NEB 35 Devin Gardner pass incomplete to Jeremy Gallon. 10 10
4th and 12 at NEB 35 Matt Wile 52 yard field goal MISSED.    
DRIVE TOTALS: MICHIGAN drive: 3 plays -2 yards, 00:56 MICHIGAN FGA


I think the fumble was intentional on Nebraska's part, knowing they would net 13 yards on it.


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Complaining about the refs is distasteful when we have a LEGITIMATE team, let alone this hot mess.


It'd be like complaining about Fukushima's lacklustre cafeteria.


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Was at the game and like every other college game there was missed/questionable calls going both ways.  The refs were as good as you would come to expect in college football and in spite of any errors called a fair game................and if they didn't.........never put your self in a postion where the refs can have that much of an impact.  We mean we are bad as in not good!!!