Bloomington recommendations?

Submitted by eth2 on October 12th, 2017 at 9:36 AM
Hey All, heading to Bloomington this weekend and looking for some recommendations: - best bars (good beer and food a plus. Also lots of TVs for sports) - best places for breakfast, for lunch, for dinner. - other places to not miss Any other tips appreciated for game day, e.g., getting to game, tailgating, etc. Many thanks in advance.



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My advice: get to the stadium early. Respect the Hoosiers. Don't overlook them as a team. Prepare yourself mentally. Understand that this game is not a given. Question Harbaugh, fret about personnel decisions and post your concerns here frequently. We as fans clearly did not do enough to beat msu; DON'T make that mistake again..

Also receive a handy from your girl in the stands.


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Bars-Nicks, The Tap, Kilroy's,

Breakfast- The village Deli

Lunch/Dinner- Mother Bears(pizza) Buffalouies (wings) Upland Brewing Co., Scotty's Brewhouse

For gameday you better hit the road early. A lot of construction around Bloomington.


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I agree with just about everything here. It's been a few years since I went there but Village Deli can be a pain of a wait to get into, I would also recommend Runcible Spoon for breakfast.

In terms of bars, Kilroy's is fine but it's the type of bar that's more like Scorekeepers, so if you're into that, great, otherwise I strongly recommend Nick's. Way more chill, plenty of TVs. 

Mother Bear's pizza is excellent. 


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least there is a game this weekend, and it is a noon game.  Wake up to football.

2011 and 2015 both featured bye weeks immediately following brutal losses to State.  I remember it really sucking to not have a game the following weeked.

And I am finally to the "whatever stage" about last Saturday now.  The hump day thing seems to apply to Michigan losses as well. 


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I've never been to Bloomington for a game but was there for a summer program a few years back. The stadium is a bit north of campus but the campus grounds alone are worth a stroll. Kirkwood Ave is their main drag. Nick's English Hut is a good bar with tons of tvs. The Villag Deli is right down the street and has decent breakfasts. One street north on 6th is a joint called Runcible Spoon which is very good for breakfast but is small and gets rather crowded. 


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If you are coming down Saturday morning, come early.  37 south of Indy/Martinsville is a mess.  As far as places to eat there are many as mentioned above.  The area around Kirkwood has many great bars and restaurants.  Try the Tap, Nicks and the Irish Lion.  As far as tailgating, the grass lots south of the stadium off 17th are the best areas and its only $20 to park there.  Hoosiers are friendly and like to party.  If you get there early the traffic is not bad but it usually is terrible right after the game.  The weather is supposed to be great so if you tailgate after the game for a few hours, getting out is no problem.We'll be in the grass lots south of 17th off Woodlawn.  Stop by for a beer or two.  Look for the Black Honda Ridgeline flying both Michigan and IU flags.



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When I went to the UM game there a couple years ago, we hung out one night at the BW3 in Bloomington. It was full of female bodybuilders for some reason. Felt like I was eating dinner with a bunch of Thunderlips impersonators from Rocky 3. 


Edit: Also, the students tailgating at the game are ridiculously friendly. They don't expect to win at football, and really don't care if they do. They're there to tailgate. I can't tell you how many times I was offered a beer bong filled with Keystone Light.


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Just moved away from Bloomington and there's some pretty solid spots.

For coffee I loved Soma and Hopscotch. They're more expensive but they're really good.

Feast and Runcible Spoon are solid for like breakfast/brunch

Buffa Louies, Bub's Burgers, and Trojan Horse were my favorite spots for dinner. Trojan horse is a little more fancy.

The Tap was my favorite bar because I hated the college dive bar vibe of Kilroy's and if you have time you should check out Cardinal Spirits. It's the oldest distillery in Indiana and it's only a few years old because of the states backwards alcohol laws.

And like other people have said, prepare for 37. It's a terrible, terrible road filled with awful construction and stupid traffic. I hated it every time I drove back home to Michigan and I will continue to hate it until I die. It's that bad.


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It's too bad. It was well situated, just a short walk to the football stadium.

I lived in the apartments behind Yogis for 2 years during grad school.

Food got really mediocre when they changed the menu a couple of years ago. But it was still a good place to drink before or after games.


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Be prepared for construction. The main way in and out of B-town is under massive construction. Think 1 lane for 20 miles. I'd spring for a hotel and get here the night before. Gameday traffic is ridiculous. Alternate routes are here:…

Also, the stadium is under construction and the new band facility have combined to eliminate a lot of prime tailgating spots. This is another reason to get there early. The best tailgating spot is in the grass south of Assembly Hall, assuming that you do not have assigned parking.

They allow in & outs, so 3/4ths of the stadium leaves at half-time to get drunk again.

The old famous campus bar is Nicks. It developed into a labyrinth with multiple entrances. If you go in on the ground floor, there is a massive upstairs perfect for game watching.

The Tap is probably the best overall beer bar. Lots of good micros from all over. If you see something from 3 Floyds, just try it.

My favorite brewery is the Bloomington Beer Co on 10th (it is a part of Lennies). Great food and good beer. But, if you want to watch a game, they do not even have a TV. Upland is the biggest brewery in town, but I am not a big fan of their beer. Others to try are Big Woods and Function.

The Village Deli is probably the most classic IU breakfast spot. Try it for one of their massive pancakes. My favorite is the Uptown Cafe.

If you want a steak, goto Janko's. Its on par with the best that Chicago or NYC can offer, but just not very fancy.

Malibu is a great all around choice. Samira has great Afgani food too.

If you like wings, Buffa Louies is a must.

If your are bringing the Mrs., our music and theater programs are on par with Julliard. The main event this weekend is the opera: (use code CHABRIER for an extra $5 off)


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Bars:  Upland Brewing on 11st St,  not far from Stadium.  If you are willing to drive south 15 minutes try the Scenic View - near/overlooking a reservoir, more of a roadhouse ambience.  Newer places include Big Woods and Function Brewing and Trappers.  Trapper is a little further from campus so might be less jammed.

Breakfast:  Try the Uptown on Kirkwood.  Great pancakes and home fries.

Food:  There is a whole block of crazy ethnic places built into old houses on 4th Street west of Kirkwood.  I recommend Little Tibet for the momo dumplings.


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I'm in Bloomington for about a week a month.

Uptown is my place. Can't go wrong there. Also Bubs, which I was *thisclose* to getting my picture on the wall last time. Shouldn't have ordered fries.

I know everyone LOVES Mother Bears, but ... eh. 

The Tap is great. If you get a chance, walk around campus. Extremely nice.