Blame GREG not RR

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The defense is the issue at hand not the offense, or the recruiting. So why call for RR's head when he is doing all that he can to get this team back into shape. Gre Robinson has shown time and time again that he does not have what it takes to coach a defense! I will always stand behing the head coach because I am devoted to Michigan Football!! All we need is a defense and we are well on our way to winning the Big10 again.





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RR brought GERG here, so yes, he's ultimately accountable for GERG's failures.  But that doesn't mean we have to throw out the baby with the bathwater.  RR hired Jeff Casteel.  He hired Scott Shafer.  He hired Calvin Magee.  It's not like he has a history of screwing up coordinator hires.  He just blew this last one.  I'm willing to give him a chance to find a replacement DC. 


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Whos fault is the attrition? Who rectuited guys who can't qualify, and can't seem to develop and retain guys who make it campus?

Other teams have attrition, and injuries too, and manage to get defensiv stops ... take Penn State for example.


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When is the last time the team with the #1 class became a dynasty.  Ranking the classes is pointless, you have a bunch of HS kids being watched on film and then evaluated.  There are literally thousands of kids and we are suppose to expect these kids and classes to be ranked 1 through whatever.  The only factor that is important is the results on the field.


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and agree with most of what you said, but the teams that have recruited very well normally do end up performing well and quite often become a dynasty. Pete Carroll had 5 stars fighting other 5 stars just to get on the two-deep and look how dominant they were. Florida has consistently brought in tons of talent and this is the first year they have not really looked dynastic. You need look no further than the hated OSU down south to see how aquiring great talent usually equals great success. Class rankings may not be the end-all-be-all but they do mean something.

Boise State is the exception to this, not the rule.


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We are clearly better up front than the scondary so I would load the box and try and apply more pressure. We can't expect these young kids in the secondary to make big plays. We need the size and speed of the OL and line backers to take the pressure off. Apply pressure and the QB is bound to make mistakes, especially a walk on QB.

Look at all the plays we get gashed on for long yards...throwing situations. We do decent against the run but when anyone drops back to throw we all hold our breath.

I am not saying I can do a better job but is it too much to ask for that someone step up and fix the defense?!


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slowly walk the defense through this thing they call a "counter" play and show them why it is so important for them to follow there responsibilities and not over pursue this type of play, every feaking time....Our D was exposed with these types of plays started at the UMass game.  You would think that they would have at least figured out how to better defend these types of running plays by now.....MSU, Iowa and now PSU killed us with these same basic running plays..... Its not like they are running the mysterious "triple option" play...


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I agree that we need more pressure up front.  At least if we get burned on some big plays our offense can get back on the field and stay in rhythm.  It is clear that playing in rhythm is important for this offense, and having the defense allow 6+ minute drives for TDs every time kills our offensive momentum and timing.


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1st off I wouldn't run the 3-3-5 because it's not working now. I thought the phrase went "if it isn't broken don't fix it", not "if it's not working keep doing it". A couple times they got pressure tonight, but with still with only 3 guys it doesn't work, and since the corners can't cover anyway, why does it matter? Go with the 4-3 or 4-4. Van Bergen, Martin/Banks, Black, and Roh would be lethal. The only part of this defense I have some faith in is the d-line.

2nd, I would bring Charles Woodson and Sean Crable back to teach these guys how to hit and tackle right. 


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Completely agree Gerg has to go. All Michigan has to do is fire Rich and we will turn into an aging program that continuously fire coaches to appease its whiney crying fan base like Notre Dame. 

If you fire Rich, then you are f'ing stupid. 


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They gave Davie more than enough time. Willingham and Weis should have had more time. Weis was an offensive line away from having a great program. Firing Willingham was perhaps the dumbest thing ND has ever done. 

but yeah, it is past my bed time. I am going to the lions game tomorrow to watch them lose to the skins. 


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Not to butt in, but I definitely think they fired Willingham too soon.  They canned the guy after three years basically because his recruiting rankings weren't high enough to make anyone believe he would turn it around, then the players he'd recruited went to back to back BCS bowl games under Weis.  Not sure how it would have played out after that, but obviously Charlie was not an upgrade in the end.


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They definitely fired the man too quickly, but its hard to argue that Willingham would have gotten the job done at Notre Dame.  The way that he ran the Washington program into the ground, its hard for me to believe that he would have ever been good enough at Notre Dame.  So in that respect, it turned out to be the right decision for Notre Dame. 

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they could not have fired that man soon enough. His first class (or two? foggy memory) panned out well. After that, there was a devastating drop in talent... And look what happened to weis when those kids were seniors.  Some of the blame still falls on weis, sure.

This is how it went down. A prominent official met with Willingham during his 3rd year, expressing concern with the major recruiting neglect. Willingham responds by saying he was contacted by Washington, and would like to grant their request for an interview.... and you're telling me this dude didn't deserve to get fired? He completely slacked on recruiting, when he gets questioned about it... he basically responds: F U, if you don't like it, i can leave

But if you want an idea as to what would happen if Ty had more time with his ways instilled and a little talent on offense, look no further than Washington with Jake Locker. Willingham slowly rotted that program out. 0-12 in his final year!!! And yes, ask anyone who followed the UW program, and/or its recruiting, he slacked again at Washington. 

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That's stupidly oversimplistic.  If we go 5-7 this year and lost our next four games by twenty points, then good riddance to him.  We need a head coach, not a glorified offensive coordinator; JLS was good at making an offense, but his teams ultimately sucked.

I'd agree that firing RR now would be f'ing stupid, but it may be the right choice by the end of the season.  Not even considering that as a possibility would be f'ing stupid.


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RR is responsible for GERG.  If he can't find the right defensive coordinator two times now, what confidence can we have that he would if we gave him another chance?


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RR is the HEAD F'ING COACH. That means you take responsibility for the whole team. Blaming the D Coord is a cop out. RR runs the show, and that means he's responsible for it. This "blame GERG not RR" stuff is garbage. It's been bad all season, and whatever RR has or has not done has failed.


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thanks for telling me what i am going to do, which I am not. I am going to bed because I realize whatever I post is not going to change a damn thing. People want to be emotional. They don't want to be sane. Everyone is in OMZGZGGGGG!!! RR MUST GO!!!!! mode.I don't blame, but that doesn't make them right. Lets step away from the keyboards and get a good night sleep and have rational and mature discussion tomorrow. 


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I didn't think that the defense was the problem in '08 and Thought that it was a cop out to place all the blame for 3-9 on Schafer. Also I find it funny that no mater what the DC wants to do the team ends up playing a 3-3-5. If RR stuck to offence and didn't fiddle with the defense and make it worse each year I would still support him.  

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Dude, you stole my thunder. I think the powers that be panicked after 3-9, and had to place the blame on someone. Couldn't place  the blame on RR at the time as it was his first year, and they were starting a transfer and a walk-on at QB ( the most importan position in the offense) so obviously, it was the D's fault, and down goes Schafer.


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RR is in charge of every inch of the program. That's why he is a millionaire. If he had any balls, he'd either ditch the 3-3-5 or GERG or both.

Have anyone on staff  (or have open tryouts like they did for the PK) take the defense. Couldn't be any worse than it is now.

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we had guys in position to make plays and they just didn't do it.  Mouton having Royster at the line and it becoming a fifteen yard gain, Talbott in position for an INT or at least a PBU and he gets neither and the WR runs for 30+ after the catch, Roh overpursuing as he yells there it goes again on the counter.  I could continue, but why beat a dead horse.

The 3-3-5 needs to go ASAP and this falls on RR.  Without Martin this team has zero chance of being successful in this package and PSU exposed that despite having a sub par rushing attack most of the season. and starting a walk on at QB.  It wastes Roh's talents as an edge rusher and puts him in a position where he is obviously struggling. 

The staff had two weeks to come up with a plan to beat a team that had been struggling on both sides of the ball and this is what we get.  A walk on looking like he's all Big Ten. Finally, when Tate struggled last year he brought in Denard for a series or two despite DRob being nothing more than a glorified RB.  If Denard's shoulder is not healthy does RR want a repeat of last year?  Tate is capable give him a chance. My expectations have dropped to hoping for a win at Purdue to get bowl eligible.  I really don't want to see RR fired, but if he can't win in the Big Ten he must go especially since last night was the first time in my life I turned off a Michigan game before it was over because I had no faith that they could come back.


October 31st, 2010 at 12:10 AM ^

I really like our offense and am really excited to see how it does with more experience/talent.  I hate the thought that changing head coaches might mean a change in offensive scheme and, inevitably, more transfers.   But the defense is a disaster.  I have zero faith in GERG now.   He went up against a team with a walk-on QB, which ran an extremely limited playbook, and still managed to be outcoached.  Blackledge summed it up: "These defensive backs are shellshocked."  They have no confidence, and how can you blame them when their DC is afraid to put them in a place to make plays even against a walk-on QB?

But RR needs to recognize that he needs an ace DC, and that DC needs the leeway to run the defense how he sees fit.  What's frustrating is that RR got it right the first time.  When Casteel wouldn't come, he hired a bright young mind in Scott Shafer.  But he didn't give him the support he needed - when there was staff dissention, he inexplicably sided with the position coaches over Shafer.  And then he hired an old retread in GERG, a man who coaches like it's the 1970s and QBs can't throw. 

RR needs to let GERG go, find the best DC he can, pay top dollar (with Brandon's approval) to get him - and then give him whatever he needs.