Blake Countess has "Core Injury" Surgery, Expected back for Fall

Submitted by alum96 on June 7th, 2014 at 8:21 PM

Not sure why all our injuries seem to focus so heavily on our top 10-12 players every year.  Seems like Blake had a surgery per Mlive.  Since it was not done immediately after 2013 season one has to assume the team doctors thought it would heal on its own over time but did not.

Michigan junior cornerback Blake Countess recently underwent a surgical procedure to repair a core injury suffered during the 2013 season, according to a team spokesman. Countess, a 5-foot-10, 183-pounder from Owings Mills, Md., is expected to make a fully recovery, and is expected to be back at 100 percent for fall camp this August.



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I think both Cabrera and Verlander had "core" surgery this offseason.  Cabrera's injury was very obvious during last season while Verlander's was a surprise.   Basically I'd think anything from the rib cage down to the groin could be considering your core.


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According to a few accounts, Countess actually was at the Academy this weekend and apparently was moving well (not sure if he actually ran a drill like other players, but he was apparently present), which is encouraging to hear given that he is expected back for fall camp. Hopefully, it's a fully recovery and he is indeed good to go in August. 


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but that game was a joke on the officiating front. Yes, we'd have lost big anyway but I think that skewed the refs mentality. From the INT where Bama DBs can apparently shove a WR out of bounds with the ball in the air to a TD run where Campbell's jersey was literally being ridden like a sleigh by the Bama OL. I laugh now and did then once down by about 21 with no chance of a comeback in sight. Still, so many "well, it is Alabama" flags NOT thrown. They didn't need it and that is what bothers me. They'd still have won by 2-3 scores with them.


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They do just no one cares.


Losing a starter lends itself to a "sky is falling" mentality.


You don't get effect when a guy who is unlikely to see the field this year has 18 months to recover from a 6-8 week procedure.


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Everything I have heard about Countess is that he is an exemplar student-athlete/person; hopefully, this is as routine as it sounds