Bill Martin inducted into the National Sailing Hall of Fame

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Anyone reading that headline would naturally assume that it came from The Onion, Waterford Whispers News or for us old timers, Mad Magazine. NOPE!

Per Mlive, in what can only be described as the one of most ironical of dong punches ever delivered, Martin was inducted into the National Sailing Hall of Fame on Sept. 24 during ceremonies hosted by the New York Yacht Club.


According to the NSHOF, Martin has a lengthy sailing resume that includes representing the United States in the 1981 Admiral's Cup and a national title at the 2008 Rolex US-IRC National Championship. Martin, who was the Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, also served as president of the United States Sailing Association, the national governing body of the sport, from 1988-91. According to the NSHOF, Martin took on the same role with the United States Olympic Committee from 2003 to 2004, at a time when that organization faced an ethics crisis and its programs were in dire need of restructuring. "We all have our sailing memories," Martin said in a news release. "All the wins, the near wins, the night races. But I think, for all of us, it's the new the people you meet, and the opportunity to sail with your family and with your friends. That's what sailing means to me. It's the people you work with on behalf of the sport. My life in sailing has been enriched by those experiences."

I really haven't been able to properly assess this information but my first emotional, quick draw thought is W in T literal F?  My second thought, WHAT IN THE LITERAL FUCK!!!!!

Please tell me the emcees for this "event" were Kirk Herbstreit and Les Miles.…



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Meh, his final stab at stewardship (hiring RR) failed terribly, which was somewhat** predictable. But prior to that, he was kind of a godsend. I wonder how many Michigan fans know how deeply the AD was in the red before Martin arrived. Many, but far from all. We take dollars for granted around here these days.


**("somewhat," because predicting the "you talk funny and don't belong here" reaction to RR by the media, players, alumni and boosters was not easily predicted. It's also one of the most shameful things I can think of, that Michigan facilitated, in the last 10 years. And while (in retrospect) Martin didn't do enough to manage post-retirement Lloyd, I'm not sure any of his mistakes were obvious and avoidable)


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If he makes a decision on Miles, in either direction, one side of the fanbase is pissed off at the machinations of the other. This way everyone's pissed at Martin and his "incompetence" and it's eventually possible to heal the rift.

Of course if he'd been more decisive a year earlier the whole thing probably could have been avoided. And Brandon wasn't inevitable. But as far as that one week goes, he probably played it as well as he could have.


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This is actually totally legit. Martin has been a huge participant and supporter of the sport for decades, and continues to run Stripes (his Santa Cruz 70, a fabulous boat) in a bunch of races. He graciously spoke to me for some time after his finished the Trans Superior race a couple of years ago.

The upshot is that I'm convinced that his decision to be on board and out of reach was deliberate. He has guys qualified to skipper the boat if he can't make it and he could have ways to be in touch.


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I was one of those "rock stars." Sleds were the queens of the great lakes yachting community, the open ocean racing maxis were too heavy and tail heavy at that. I still get invited to race now and then. As with aviation/skydiving I do it for the "visuals" - the things I've seen are truly remarkable and breathtaking. I can't blame Billy for liking the waterways, and he is good at it. Just wish it had translated into what Michigan needs for leadership.

UM Griff

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At a key moment when Bill Martin should have been available will always stick with me as one of the greatest fumbles by anyone in the Athletic Department.