Big Ten Tournament Tickets - How does it work?

Submitted by M-Dog on February 23rd, 2017 at 10:47 AM
The Big Ten Tournament is a different animal as far as how tickets work.  It's in a new location this year (Washington DC, Verizon Center) and some of us locals would like to go, but we have no idea how tickets work having never been to a BTT.
The only thing I see on-line are all-session tickets for hundreds of $$, not exactly practical for non-rich working people.  
I would like to work it so that I can go to just the Michigan games.  How do you a la carte tickets on short notice for just a single team?
Other than Maryland, I doubt that any game will be a sell out.  There should be lots of tickets available.
I'm not above standing outside the Verizon Center an hour before game time and holding up 2 fingers, but I'd like to be a little more organized than that.  Does the Michigan ticket site help in that respect?  Stubhub?  Seat Geek?
Do they break the tickets up by round?  My wife went to the ACC Tournament once, and they had tickets by round.  I don't see anything like that so far for the BTT.
I want to go to the Michigan games, but if we don't win and move on, I don't really want to be a ticket re-seller after that.



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Tickets for individual sessions are currently available on Stubhub.  I assume they are also available on other secondary market sites.  I expect that the B1G will offer single session tickets to the public as it gets closer to the event and all-session tickets do not sell out.


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Most likely, the all-session tickets are the only ones being sold at the moment. The single round tickets l

listed on StubHub and such currently are probably broken off all-session packages that brokers have or are spec pricing by those same brokers. I would wait until closer to the tournament to buy single round since there will be firm availability and pricing


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Yeah, that was a question I had . . . if they are only selling all-session tickets and individual game tickets are alreay on Stubhub, are those individual tickets just broken off from the all-session tickets by broker-type people?

Like much the Big Ten does, it looks set up to benefit everybody but the actual fans.  

It all has that Bowl Game ticket charade feel to it.



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It's not all about rich people it's also about broke ass middle class and poor people spending their car payment on tickets so they can see the game. As long as their is a demand for overpriced tickets they will keep overpricing tickets. Which means they really aren't over priced at all.

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When I went to the Big 10 Tourney in Chicago, you had to buy the whole package. It was a little bit like buying season tickets:  you get all the tickets, and can re-sell them as you see fit. The reason I could make it work is that I bought tickets with a group of people. Two were Purdue fans, two were dual Illinois/Michigan fans, three of us were straight Michigan fans, and there were a couple more spouses along for the ride as well (not heavy duty fans, but happy to go along to some of the games.) I think there were maybe 10 of us who went in on 6 packages? And we split it up based on fandom and how much you wanted to pay in, and re-sold / gave away some of the tickets. That might be too complicated for you. But if you have a group who are casual fans but not rabid, it works well. Everyone gets to go to some games, those who want to go to more, go to more, those who only want to go one day, do that. Good luck.


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Thanks for posting. I'm in DC also and will attending with my sons - so excited. One of the great things about the Maryland expansion. I've had this same question and was going to write a post as well.

My understanding is that closer to the tournament individual rounds will be available. I'm going to wait till prices go down.

UM Football vs MD last year cost $85 for me. This year, the cheapest UM basketball vs MD TIX were >$100, so I passed. That's a lot for basketball and was a combo of a very good and popular MD team with plenty of UM fans eating up extra tix. The UM game was easily most expensive MD game to buy on secondhand market.


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Not to try and hijack the thread but does anyone have tickets or a connection for the NCAA wrestling championships in the Michigan section???  

I don't have enough points to start a new thread. 


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A woman I graduated with from Ann Arbor texted me today from Dave Matthews Gig in Mexico, and asked if I was going to Florida v M in Dallas cause she wanted to go and take her son. I said "Yes," she said she would wake up today and purchase 2 for her, and how ever many I wanted,. I said "4 Please". She texted me later and said she purchased six tickets together on her credit card. The Michigan Difference!
"Don't Hate the Playa". I have 4 tix, yes they are available, but going fast, cost unknown.


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I went to the B1G web site, and they linked to a ticket selling site that sells by "session."  In other words, two games on Wen, or two games in the Thurs afternoon slot, or two games in the Thurs evening spot.