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No. There is absolutely no truth to the slanderous and libelous claim that CRAIG JAMES KILLED FIVE HOOKERS AT SMU. I really don't know why any rational person would try to imply that CRAIG JAMES KILLED FIVE HOOKERS AT SMU. If there was any shred of evidence that CRAIG JAMES KILLED FIVE HOOKERS AT SMU then surely by now it would be in the hands of the authorities. So we should really stop saying that CRAIG JAMES KILLED FIVE HOOKERS AT SMU.


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I rarely post expletives on the live blog, but this officiating today made me add to the state of our live threads trending. I added several F###s and @$$holes when referring to the refs


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Like the OP, I'm puzzled how come the officiating is so inconsistent - there will always be calls that someone disagree with but the frustrating part is that this seaons it has been irregularly irregular (to borrow a phrase from cardiology).

How we get referees probably is a big factor:

1. Have a passion for the sport - usually referees are fans of their sports.

2. Have a thick skin - and have control of your temper - which rules out a lot of people, especially today with the "I'll do what I want" attitude (say that with Eric Cartman's voice)

3. Maintain excellent physical health - there is a lot of running in football, basketball, soccer and many sports (except maybe baseball).

4. Many referees were former players (and so bring a real world understanding to the rules - not just theoretical) - so a holding, or pass intereference call isn't just a technical issue - they know these are all important calls.

5. OK - having made it this far, the candidates sign up for referee clinic in high school or college.

6. Volunteer to refeee in recreational leagues - have to start somewhere, also shows if you have the stomach for it.

7. Choose a vocation/profession that has schedule flexibility - MOST (not all, but most) referees except at the highst pro leagues (even then, most of the NFLers are part timers) are part-timers and so need a job that allows flexibility to travel - they are working two jobs concurrently. Yes, some referees do well (I believe MLB umps are the best paid) but the vast majority it is done out of affection not for the living.

8. Advance their credentials by going to referee training programs especially as they work their way up through high school and college games.

9. Get a licencse by passing specific exams.

10. Work, keep working and keep trying to move up to the next level.

11. Enroll in more referee training and try to move up to higher leagues.

12. After many years of working as a regular referee somewhere, usually some one works as a substitute or back up first and the with timing, luck, and hard work, a regular spot opens up.

13. Keep up with the rule changes

So you can see a lot of people may start out but get winnowed down quickly. The biggest hurdle seem to be steps 2, 7 and 10.

It is basically a highly organized hobby - and forgive me if there are any referees in the audience - I know it must a difficult task (especially step 2).


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I wish I could be that utterly incompent at my job and keep it.  I cant imagine a world in which I could fail so miserably at the simplest of tasks, repeatidly, and still have my boss go "good job - here's your assaignment for next week."


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profitable company straight into the ground, layoff hundreds of family providers. Then get a giant severance package worth millions of dollars, way more money than any of us will see, much less make.....

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that has to be one of the worst replay review wrong calls of the year.  It was a catch without any doubt.  And it cost Wisconsin the game.

They screwed up a few other things on the last two plays  of the game also.

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I think they should remove the aspect of reversing the "call on the field." Who care what the call on the field was? YOU have a high-definition slow-motion view from multiple angles. YOU, Mr, replay official, make the call. Don't taint your decision based on what the official on the field saw. This whole "undisputable evidence" criteria is stupid. Review the play on replay in a vacuum, on its merits.

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I think the NCAA / NFL could really clean up their officiating by making it a full-time job.  As in 40 hour weeks, not just 5 hours on Saturday.  During the weeks, they have meetings, analyze film, hypotheticals, etc.  Perhaps every crew then could have the same standards for so many of these judgement calls.  Targeting... posession... interference.... roughing.... there is wayyyyy too much inconsistency from crew to crew.  

That is the only reasonable thing I can think of that might help rectify this abomination.


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don't have $400k/year for some full time crews that do the major games. That's ~$40k a year for a full time job that you only really work a portion of the year for and the rest of the time you watch film and practice. Plenty of people would be happy for this gig, full time, and not just on their off time when they aren't preparing for a trial or surgery or fry cook or whatever these guys do full time.