Big Ten Network Rose Bowl History Bracket

Submitted by LandryHD on December 13th, 2010 at 5:30 PM

I've looked everywhere and couldn't find this in the forums, so sorry in advance if this has been posted.

Big Ten Network is doing a 16 team tournament of the best B10 Rose Bowl teams. Michigan has 3 teams which would be the most of any teams. Ohio State only has 2 and they are facing each other in the first round as well as MSU. lol

Everyone vote, so the '97 team wins it all!…



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I have never found that quote attributed to Hayes in a contemporaneous source.  I think it may actually have come from the 1961 game, where OSU reached 50 points on a two-point conversion in a 50-20 win.  In 1968, OSU led 44-14 when it scored to go up 50-14 and a two-point conversion failed.  So it is possible it could have come either time.

Here are some links to old newspaper coverage of the 1968 and 1961 games that show the scoring -……


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I will not participate in any Big Ten promotional activity until they change the logo and division names so that they don't completely suck.

Is this pointless and stupid? Yes. But I'm doing it anyway.


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I know that Penn State really got screwed out of a share of the NC that year, but the 1997 team is the 2 seed even though they actually DID get a share.  I suppose I'm a homer and semantics and all...

Ok back to reality... beat Mississippi State!  Go Blue!


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any idea what happened with this?  We made the championship game against Penn State and it has no final.  I spent some time looking and found nothing.  BigTenNetwork, B1G fail?