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The right coach can get them to at least compete and play for 8-9 win seasons, maybe break through one year in an otherwise weak West Division. Joe Tiller managed to do it and had solid teams at least every other year.  One pretty darn good one with Brees leading the way.

The Big Ten was much weaker in his time, granted, but Purdue is not like a Northwestern or an Indiana where the support and history have never been there. They just need the right guy and the support will come back. It wasn't too terribly long ago where Purdue was at least a decent team.  

Darrell Hazell was not an exciting hire at all. Purdue needs to make some kind of splash with their next hire, like going after a young, up-and-coming hotshot with great recruiting experience, or a great coordinator, like Clemson's OC or Alabama's DC. 

Elite coordinators might not choose Purdue because they'll likely have better options, but hey, throw some money and them and see what happens. Worst thing that happens is they say no. 


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I am pretty sure that Tiller coached when the Big Ten was close to it's best.  Michigan and Ohio State were both strong (End of Cooper years was a small drop off). Wisconsin was a very strong team. Northwestern made some runs, as did Illinois. Michigan State had some stronger teams with Saban there, getting to 8-9 wins. Iowa was up and coming and Penn State was still starting in Top 10 until very early naughts. Minnesota had some strong running teams under Mason. 

I really don't think that what you say is accurate.  Outside of Indiana, the Big Ten was strong top to bottom, and even they had Randel El. 


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Purdue beat both Michigan and Ohio State that year.  Michigan was very good in 2000, just suffered some unfortunate close losses (UCLA & Northwestern) that made the final record look less gaudy.  Ohio State had a lot of talent too (2 April 2001 NFL Round 1 draft picks + the young talent that would eventually win the 2002 MNC) --- they were just in the last year of their general under-achieving in the John Cooper era.

Purdue did lose road games at both PSU and MSU.  Neither made a Bowl, but neither team was a schlub in 2000.  MSU defeated ND (played in the BCS) that year.  PSU had some offensive troubles early in the year but the defense was what it typically was.  PSU did have Drew Brees' number over the years: Drew was 0-4 vs. PSU.

Granted both the U-M and OSU games were in West Lafayette, but Purdue didn't get to Pasadena by taking advantage of "scheduling luck" --- which has been a "Wisconsin path to the Rose Bowl" more than once over the years.

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In 2003 and 2004 Purdue enjoyed a couple of top-ten rankings while playing in a B1G that you could argue was deeper than the current B1G. Tiller had that program bowling almost every year he was there.

Minnesota was another strong program back in those years. Of course, they brought on their own demise with the idiotic firing of Mason. 


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2004 - Purdue was an undefeated, top 5 ranked team that had Gameday on campus for their game against undefeated Wisconsin. Then this happened:

And then the next week this happened (go to 6:59 if the embed doesn't work right):

And then the whole program pretty much went in a death spiral and never recovered.


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Ira was saying on WTKA this morning that he's afraid all the questions directed at Harbaugh are going to be about satellite camps, the rap video and the SEC...and nothing about the actual team. Hopefully that's not the case.

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