Everyone Murders

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I'll bet that Dantonio takes one question on the criminal issue, and in answer gives a statement along the lines of "while I can't comment on particular cases, I note that the MSU football program treated information regarding alleged assaults properly and promptly - but I'm here to talk about people on the roster."

And then Dantonio won't answer the follow-up question - i.e., the one about whether Curtis Blackwell was ever part of "the MSU football program".


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Hahaha. Never Enough is a great title for D'Antoni. Reminds me of his Pride before the Fall speech.

2007 D'Antoni: It's not over, it'll never be over here.



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MSU just added a qb from Austin Peay and an ol from saginaw valley state which probably spells doom. Last year they added a ton of transfers too and we see how that turned out.

Ty Butterfield

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I really doubt he is gone after this season. I think the wheels would really have to fall off and I think there would have to be even more off the field issues. Even if Staee has another losing season I think Mork would get another season provided he makes some staff changes. I could see Hollis getting canned before Mork.


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I'd go a step further and say that Hollis' job is safe as well, especially considering the continued success of the basketball program. For Hollis and Dantonio, SpartyNation seems to be circling the wagons, not sharpening their knives. I haven't heard a single spartan friend express a desire to see Dantonio or Hollis replaced. They just pass the blame on to bad coordinators, or, bizarrely, the "Blue Wall Media." 

...because pro-Michigan journalists made the football program commit a litany of crimes and go 3-9.


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I realize it has become customary in sports to fire the head coach whenever a team has a couple losing seasons.  But from a purely football standpoint, MSU would be crazy to fire Dantonio.  He's proven he can win with the 2- and 3-star recruits that State is used to getting.  They are highly unlikely to find another coach who can do that, and they are certainly not getting a coach who can pull 4- and 5-star talent in consistently.  They may well be in for another rough season or two thanks to the massive off-season roster attrition.  But if MSU wants to have a winning football team again, their best bet has got to be letting Dantonio ride this out and get back to winning with a veteran squad in 2018 or 2019.

The "X factor," I think, is if Dantonio winds up being implicated in any of the sexual assault coverups or anything of that nature, and MSU finds itself in a position where they need to cut ties with Dantonio for reasons other on-field performance.  But so long as nothing like that happens, I think he can stay as long as he wants--at least another serveral years to see if he can field a competitive team again once the effect of the dismissals has faded away.


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Not one reporter asked any tough questions about the recent downward spiral of the team's culture under Mork's leadership.


If it were Michigan going through the same thing I have little doubt there would be no quarter from the press.


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And just in case you have a hard time remembering, he has it taped to his shirt. I mean, WTF?!? He's the gosh-darned head coach, and they have to tape his name to his shirt? I might look like a sourpuss too, if they did that to me.

(Photo: Dale G. Young / Detroit News)


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MSU players on now.  Chris Frey provided this gem in regards to educational classes the team had to take about sexual assualt:  "It just adds to our knowledge of what we already know".  Dumb AF.


EDIT:  He also just added that he proposed to his gf on April Fool's day.  What a lucky girl.