Big Ten Media Day Open Thread

Submitted by jericho on July 28th, 2011 at 11:03 AM

So the coaches are about to speak.  Your thoughts as they go along?


Edit: For those of you stuck at work on this fine day.  The BTN is streaming it live on their main page. 



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Interesting - I was thinking just the opposite. He didnt seem to be very impressive to me, helping me understand why kids like Hoke in comparison. But this shows just how subjective 'impressive' is. 

lexus larry

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Speaking of lobbing softballs, if there was anything to learn from the Jihad, it's that the state of reporting, by beat reporters or "columnists," the emphasis is on lax investigation, scratch the surface via gentle, momentary rubbing, and don't think before asking a question.

Recall the Drew Sharp and BH interaction on whether Michigan was still considered "elite."  Despite Sharp having a degree from U-M, he was still unable to come up with anything resembling an intelligent response to Brady's "sez who?"  What would have been the intelligent response?  How about "looking at the number of seasons over the past 10 that U-M has had fewer than 3 losses at the end of the season, or the number of seasons over the past 10 they've emerged from September undefeated?"  Something like that, where it shows EEG activity, and would push the coach to have to think and reply to a deeper context.

Not gonna happen in our sporting journo world, which is why we, in the words of Egon Spangler ("print is dead"), have abandoned mainstream journalism outlets and brick and mortar bookstores, opting for mgoblog and other venues more in tune with our likes/wants/interests.

Sorry for the longish/hi-jacked points, but I had a lot to say!

Naked Bootlegger

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(1)  He was actively lobbying the Big 10 to bring Syracuse, Rutgers, etc. (East Coast team) into the fold.  Don't know if I ever officially heard this before, especially straight from the horses mouth.

(2)  About OSU's issues:  "I don't know nothin' about that"

(3)  He's now in historic mode about when he was hired.   The PSU AD who hired him was apparently a Fritz Crisler protege.  JoePa mentioned Michigan a few times related to the AD who hired him.

Naked Bootlegger

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When asked about how it feels to be entering the last year of his contract:  "Is this the last year of my contract?" 

Priceless stuff.  We need Joe Pa at these Media Days in perpetuity.

Naked Bootlegger

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You are right, kind sir.  I meant going forward...we need a Joe Pa presence at the Media Day 20, 30, 100 years from now.   He's just too valuable and the main entertainment at this event.    I'm thinking like some sort of animatronic incarnation of him after he quits coaching 10 years from now.   I'm sure Jim Delaney has a crack crew of secret operatives working on this as we speak.

yossarians tree

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Side comment on "Open Thread" commentary:

There is a political blog, Little Green Footballs, which I used to read but stopped when I realized it was a cult of personality for its douchebag moderator. HOWEVA, the guy is a tech genius and his "Open Thread" commentary sections were the most beautiful thing of its kind I've ever seen. At the bottom of the string new comments simply popped up in real time so you did not have to constantly reload.

Don't know if that can be made to happen here, but if it did these open threads would be even more fun.


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Fitzgerald talking about what a neat experience it is to play a night game at Northwestern.  Heh.  I've been to a couple of them there and the visiting team has about 3/4 of the stands filled with their fans.