Big Ten Football Preview Quick Hits

Submitted by 2Blue4You on August 20th, 2010 at 9:30 AM

I have watched all of the Michigan preview and a bit of the other teams.  From what we could see in the Michigan preview, Wolfolk was looking pretty good.  On a positive note, I realize these are drills and the DB's prob. have an idea what is coming, but Courtney Avery, Cullen Christian, and Josh Furman looked to have some good ball skills.  That was good to see.  

How about Vincent Smith?  Did anyone see about the 30 min. mark where he runs outside w/ Mike Martin all over him and he strong arms Martin to throw him down?  Not sure how to feel about this but it is further evidence that V. Smith plays much bigger than he is and uses leverage to his advantage.

Terrance Robinson doesn't look that good.  And he is Tiny.

On to OSU (I have only really watched the part where TP is being interviewed):

"When I meant working better, I meant being a better person getting up, sitting up straight, you know."

"Ah, there is a lot more publicity.  I've been going through this since I was a soph. junior in High School, you know. It kind of gets old you know I'm a team player.  I like the hype and all you know.... That's another thing I don't like about it. I kind of overshine over the other guys and I just wanna be like the other guys.  They ask me for autographs and they don't ask my teammates."

Asked what the offense should do better. "Score touchdowns.  Put the defense in a better predicament"

"I want to be a legacy. I want to be one of the best players that ever lived."

Nice haircut tool.


The team the t…

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Yes I'm new....I have been following the blog for a long time and finally registered.   I live in Minneapolis and can't get enough of my old hometown team!  I have two little kids at home and don't really have time to get too involved.  I didn't even realize what these "points" really were until recently.  Geez.   I hope you approve of my level of support (sarcasm).

Now, lets get back to rooting for good guys.   All in!


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How can you jump to the conculsion that Terrance Robinson is not that good based on a BTN hour long camp preview?  He's tiny?  Yes, he's a slot.  It's not fair to say he "just isn't that good".  T-Rob was hurt most of last year (recovering, anyway) and word around camp is that he has vastly improved from a confidence level as well as a physical level.


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So these ridiculous stream-of-consciousness posts hopefully end.


In your judgement TRob is tiny and not that good.  You arrived at this conclusion from watching a 1 hour special.  Brilliant.  Way to be supportive of the guys who are putting in work.

Not a Blue Fan

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I just watched the recording this morning. Denard looks a lot better throwing, but holds the ball a little lot and has some sidearm action going on. I noticed Tate seemed to be focused on holding the ball higher and closer to his chest when he was running. Cameron Gordon looks pretty serviceable at safety. Mike Martin is very strong (surprise!) and, if camp is any indication, should be pretty solid. Roh likes the spin move and was pretty good with it, but seemed to play a little high. This might not matter since he's not going to play with his hand in the dirt as much. I wasn't impressed with Will Campbell; he looks slow off the ball to my eye, but it's hard to tell in the middle of a hot fall camp. Nothing else stuck out to me.

Pay the Dragon

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Anybody notice during the M-drill somebody went down on the bottom of the screen holding their arm or something.  I couldnt see who it was but you could kinda hear them in pain.


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I also watched the OSU preview. It's easier for us to envision Pryor as being an arrogant idiot, so when I watched his interview I was kind of disappointed. I thought he came off reasonably well spoken. Of course his classic quote will never be forgotten by UofM fans, but seems like he's matured a bit. And not sure you can fault a probable 4 year starter at OSU for wanting to leave a legacy.