Big Ten Divisions To Be Announced Wednesday?

Submitted by gater on August 31st, 2010 at 10:05 PM

According to Sean Callahan who covers Nebraska football, they just may be.

RT @Sean_Callahan: Nebraska Assistant AD for football Jeff Jamrog just said he expects Big Ten Divisions to be announced tomorrow.

RT @Sean_Callahan: Jamrog told me he thinks Husker fans will like the set up and the crossover game.

They think they will have a cross over game with Penn State.



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The announcements will go a long way to determining the state of the game, though.  If they're in opposite divisions, the game will more than likely be moved.  And even if it stays the last week of the season, it loses a lot of its significance, as it will likely have little to no bearing on who goes to the championship game.


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I think there's a good chance they'll break up OSU and PSU, because neither has an in-state rival for Big Ten recruiting.

I'll bet that Michigan and OSU got to pick the divisions once they agreed to split up -- if I'm Brandon, I want a regular recruiting trip to western Pennsylvania, not Nebraska. So:

  • Michigan, PSU, Wisconsin
  • OSU, Nebraska, Iowa


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But the team that becomes the consistent winner will beome the longer term rival of the team that becomes the consistent winner in the other division.  Auburn/Alabama is a nice rival, but nationally people are starting to talk about Bama/Florida. Could be really good for M/OSU if they both get to their historical performance at the same time


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Further, I think we can assume that Iowa will be with Nebraska, so as to give the Huskers a bit of a geographical rival.  If what we heard earlier is true, and Wisconsin and Iowa are cross-division rivals, then I think we'd see Minnesota in our division and Wisconsin in with OSU and PSU - a fortuitous setup.

Then add Michigan State, too, of course, giving us:

Michigan-Nebraska-Iowa-Minnesota-MSU-some shitbag


OSU-PSU-Wisconsin-three others.

Purdue goes in with OSU for balance.  IU comes with us so that Illinois can stick with their instate rivalish substance, Northwestern, and also continue playing for Illibuck, whatever the $%&# that is.  Divisions then go as follows, with cross-division rivals listed in order:



That's my prediction and I'm sticking to it.  Except....flip-flop Minny and Illinois or Northwestern if they decide the rivalry with Wisconsin is more important than Iowa and Michigan.  I don't know how Minny ranks their rivalries.  But separating Iowa and Wisky and making them cross-division rivals, as hinted earlier, kind of screws Minny in the rivalry department.


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fairly attractive. From indications this summer, Nebraska is kind of primed to hate on us anyway, so we might as well start throwing down. I think the networks and fans nationwide will like the pairing, esp. if we can get back into a competitive state. . . namely MICHIGAN! My only prayer is that MSU doesn't become our season-ending game; I think it elevates little bro to something akin to equal stature; better they're the random flotsam we swim past on the way to championships. 


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I've more or less given up on trying to figure out the divisions--and am more concerned that the OSU game not be moved--but your point about Minnesota is a good one and one that I've been puzzling over.

Maybe this assumption is wrong, but if some teams have protected cross-division rivals, don't they all have to? To my knowledge, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Michigan are Minnesota's only true rivals--so, yes, if Iowa and Wisconsin are made cross-division rivals, then Minnesota cannot have a cross-division rival. Unless, of course U-M and OSU are placed in the same division, and Minnesota becomes our cross-division rival.


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Admittedly, you got me with the irony.  Have an MGoPoint.  But your playoff idea is still typical of the millions of underwhelming and badly-thought-out fantasyland ideas, and divisions are something where predictions are actually worthwhile because they're actually coming to fruition in the near future.  And that's what this is: a prediction based on what we've seen, not "hey guys check out my perfect playoff which is never happening."


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I think you have to switch Minnesota here.

Michigan-Nebraska-Iowa-Illnois-Michigan State-Northwestern

Ohio State-Penn State-Wisconsin-Purdue-Indiana-Minnesota

That way Michigan State gets a "rival" in Indiana (hey, it's on the wikipedia page) and another "rivalry" Illinois-Purdue gets saved as well. And I think Wisconsin-Minnesota (the supposed oldest rivalry in college football is more important than Iowa-Minnesota).

Last game of season is as follows:

Michigan-Michigan State
Ohio State-Penn State

Not happy about moving The Game. Not happy at all. But it looks like an inevitability at this point.

EDIT TO ADD: Hopefully we wouldn't get f'd and not skip Penn State and Purdue next year as planned.


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I just got a response to my email to D. Brandon, and it basically amounts to "nothing has been announced, so calm down spaz, maybe everything will be alright. [hint, hint]" (I'm paraphrasing).  So who knows, maybe everything will be alright [wink, wink]


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Thanks for writing in response to rumors you have heard or read. 


I suggest you wait until actual factual information is released and then you will be able to truly evaluate something that is real.


I appreciate the benefit of your wisdom and experience re: this legendary rivalry game.


I do understand the importance and relevance of the Michigan – OSU game. 


Decisions impacting the conference are made with the involvement of 12 A.D.’s….the Conference staff and leadership in Chicago….and 12 university presidents.  I will continue to do the best I can at creating the best possible outcome for our players, coaches and fans.


You should rest easy knowing that we will work hard to do the right thing for all involved.


Thanks again….and Go Blue!



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I think we might be reading too much into this. IF those reports are true, "Husker fans will like the set up and the crossover game" is a very vague statement. For all we know, PSU is in their division (which they would like) and their crossover is with OSU (which they would also like).

the_big_house 500th

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will be on the 2011 schedule for the Huskers? I wouldn't imagine they would feed them into the lion's den right away and play teams like Iowa, Wisconsin and Ohio State. I would imagine however that Nebraska will most likely play the bottom teams in the Big Ten and maybe 1 good team like PSU or Wiscsonsin. I'd love to play them in 2011 but I would imagine that we aren't going to change the schedule for Nebraska and why would we when it's already set.


September 1st, 2010 at 1:00 AM ^

Nebraska will not open its first Big 10 season with Michigan in division, plus Penn State and Ohio State out of division.


They will probably miss both Wisconsin and Penn State.


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I honestly think we've been way too quick in assuming that separate divisions MUST equal moving The Game. Sure, we have some quotes from power players saying they don't like the idea... but there's been nothing even close to definitive. They basically told us we were going to be in different divisions, but on the scheduling, they've been pretty mum.

I think Gene Smith was telling the truth when he said they weren't even discussing scheduling yet. After the tidal wave of negative responses to the idea of The Game moving, I'm willing to bet that they powers that be are willing to take the risk of a back to back rematch to spare themselves the negative PR of moving the rivalry. In fact, I'm almost certain of it. No other outcome makes any kind of sense at this point.

ND Sux

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...but if we have to start beating them in October, I'll learn to live with it.  Then perhaps we'll get ANOTHER chance to beat them in November. 

lexus larry

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THE LAND GRANT TROPHY, as the coveted award for the winner at the last game of the season between PSU and MSU.  Let 'em have that last game.  And "trophy."

(Even though Douchebag Sharp wrote in glee this morning that U-M/MSU as the last game would be a joyous change for MSU and a royal dong punch for U-M fans.)

Brian has alreaady pointed out the analysis done, showing over the past dozen years or so, that a U-M/OSU Big Ten Championship from Lucas Oil Fieldhouse wouldn't necessarily occur all that often.  Let us have our season ender, and let the chips fall where they may for the BT Championship game!


September 1st, 2010 at 9:36 AM ^

If they move the U-M/OSU game, then there should be no regular opponent for U-M in the last game. Let it rotate.

I'll be shocked if Michigan is saddled with the lose-lose-lose trifecta of splitting U-M and OSU AND moving the OSU game AND making MSU the last game every year. All that in return for what--the chance to play OSU in the championship game once in a blue moon?


September 1st, 2010 at 8:33 AM ^

please, please, please keep us in the same division. We really need to keep The Game where it is, and as powerful as it is. College football needs its #1 rivalry to stay just how it is as well. I really hope all the backlash against moving the game will help us both stay in the same division, and keep The Game where it is.  There are plenty of good teams in the B10 to go around. I say UM, OSU, Wisc. in the west and PSU Iowa & Neb.  in the east.


September 1st, 2010 at 9:55 AM ^

i don't think that geography should be the determining factor, but here are the distances for big ten teams from ann arbor.  granted many fans do not live in ann arbor, but it gives a relatively central starting point to discuss weekend road trip distances, which, i feel are very important.

1 - east lansing, 66 miles

2 - columbus 189 miles

3 - evanston 255 miles

4 - west lafayette 297 miles

5 - bloomington 298 miles

6 - champaign 347 miles

7 - madison 388 miles

8 - iowa city 447 miles

9 - happy valley 509 miles

10 - minneapolis 649 miles

11 - lincoln 745 miles

i can do the LONG road trip once in a while, but if UM gets Minne, Neb, Iowa in a division, that is pretty far.