Big Ten Championship Game Open Thread

Submitted by ChopBlock on December 1st, 2012 at 7:57 PM

Nebraska-Wisconsin. 8:00PM EST on FOX. Gus Johnson and Charles Davis are calling the game.

Various sources have the line in favor of Nebraska by 3. If Nebraska wins, Michigan is all but assured the Capital One Citrus Bowl against A&M (likely) or Georgia, while the conversation is a bit more complicated if Wisconsin wins.



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Doesn't matter. He launched himself high on another player. You're going to get a flag for that with the new emphasis on player safety. I don't necessarily agree with it, but arguing it shouldn't get a flag because the rule is stupid is equally stupid logic. As the rules are currently enforced, it was a good call.


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That was one hell of a block. Don't know about the penalty but he might have launched himself a bit in throwing the block and it isn't Nebraska's night.


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Is this even football we're watching anymore?  Can we just institute a "You hit him too hard rule"?  Everything about this game is a goddamn embarassment to the Big Ten and I'm sick and tired of this garbage.  We're taking Maryland and Rutgers.  Rutgers for godsakes!  A damn commuter school in some crap town in New Jersey.  Ruining the brand to bring in more money to throw at women's gymnastics or whatever the hell they're building after a damned $50 million dollar rowing facility.  Get a damn Nautilus, that's all that "sport" is anyways.  I can't stand this "football" anymore.  Sickening.

coastal blue

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Big Ten might legitimately end the bowl season 0-7. 

We're going to be overmatched in every game. 

Minnesota and Purdue are going to get crushed by whoever they play in their bowl. 

Big Ten teams are going to end up facing SEC teams in the Capitol One, Outback and Gator Bowls that all have BCS credentials.

Sports Illustrated has MSU facing TCU. That might be the only realistic shot at victory the Big Ten has this season. 


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Wisconsin is 7-5 and has been massively inconsistent all year.  Might I remind you we lost to the team currently down by 32... make that 39?  Granted we had a high schooler at quarterback, but still... not impressive.  Nebraska tackles like a bunch of drugged out hippies.  This game is an absolute embarassment to the Big Ten.  Damn shame the entire conference has gone to hell over the past decade. 



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The transitive property doesn't hold in football; Nebraska's performance tonight has no relation whatsoever to our impending bowl performance. I don't disagree that the B1G is down (especially with two of the best teams ineligible), but I do think it's less grim than you're making it out to be. Our four losses came to teams with three (THREE!) combined losses (well, 4 now I guess), and we kept it closer than a touchdown with two currently undefeated teams on the road. We, at least, will be okay.

coastal blue

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Nebraska will get the Capitol One vs. Georgia/LSU/Texas A&M/South Carolina

We will get the Outback vs. one of those four

I was incorrect: The Cotton Bowl and the Chick-Fil-A Bowl will take two of the teams, leaving Mississippi State vs. Northwestern. They might have a shot. 

Stanford's defense is not Nebraska's. Wisconsin has not shown anything like this all season against a quality opponent. Perhaps not a sure thing, but Stanford will be a heavy favorite. 



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Could've made just as good a block without launching his shoulder like he did, but it really only looks bad because dude wasn't looking. I don't think it was blindside like Pereira said either, Bell hit him right in the chest.


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I'm not a big guy, but have taken down much bigger guys with clean hits that they don't see coming. It's leverage and angle of attack. I think it was probably a clean hit (albeit devastating) but won't blame the refs if they think Bell launched himself. So "unnecessary" roughness, even though the implication is that there is necessary roughness.


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than the one against MSU, that helped Nebraska win that game. This is still football, Mike Peirera can say whatever he wants, that is a horrible call. He blocked a guy cleanly, who was right next to the ballcarrier.


December 1st, 2012 at 10:32 PM ^

After looking at the review, that was 100% a clean block. Bell lead with his shoulder and hit him right in the upper chest. The reason the Wisco player was down and possibly concussed was because he landed on his head, which you can't really blame Bell for. Horrible call, but live it was tough to make since the hit was just that good. Too good. 


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after that  penalty for the amazingly awesome legal block....when can we all just call the NCAA and NFL what it should rightfully be called...The NTBFL ( The National Teddy Bear Football League) 

Wolverine Devotee

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This neutral site stuff is BULLSHIT. 

Do it like the Pac-12. Two divisions, the division champion with the better record is the host. Could you imagine a December game at Michigan Stadium? Maybe make it a 3:30 game? 

It would definitely be the largest crowd for a conference championship game, ever.


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I'd have to imagine we're still headed to the "Citrus" bowl. If they have any say in the matter, I can't imagine they'd want anything to do with the Huskers after this shellacking at the hands of a 5 loss team.