Big Ten Championship Game Open Thread

Submitted by ChopBlock on December 1st, 2012 at 7:57 PM

Nebraska-Wisconsin. 8:00PM EST on FOX. Gus Johnson and Charles Davis are calling the game.

Various sources have the line in favor of Nebraska by 3. If Nebraska wins, Michigan is all but assured the Capital One Citrus Bowl against A&M (likely) or Georgia, while the conversation is a bit more complicated if Wisconsin wins.



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I know a little off topic here, but there's no ACC game thread.  James Wilder is a stud.  That kid has some amazing skills.  He is big, strong, tall, and fast.  That kid is a physical specimen.


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Part of me really enjoys the karma that Nebraska is recieving. Part of me though wonders whether I'd really want to play A&M over Georgia in the bowl game...


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Wisconsin has outgained Nebraska 391 yards to 224 yards, and Wisconsin has 18 1st downs to Nebraska's 7 1st downs. It is important to note that 290 of Wisconsin's yards are rushing yards, and indeed, why not run the ball when your opponent has established a casual, decidedly passive approach to run defense?

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meet hot seat. Hot seat, meet Bo.

This is embarrassing. I’ve been nothing but a Bo supporter since he’s been here, but the writing is on the wall. Are we that lacking in talent? Are we so slow that WISCONSIN is beating us to the edge on every fucking toss sweep that they run? At the end of the day, this comes down to coaching/recruiting , and this looks like a train-wreck. Never thought I’d see another Husker team that reminded me of the Callahan years, but it’s on display tonight. If they fired Bo tomorrow morning, I can’t say I would disagree.


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I mean he has a point. At what point does Neb say enough is enough and that Pelini can't bring them to the next level again. This year's B1G is literally the worst I've seen a major conference not named Big East, and then this happens? The Neb fans know how fortunate they are to even be in the CG. It's not like Pelini is in his first four years after all.


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I'm no fan of Wisconsin and Bielema.  But I'm enjoying this. 

Nebraska is a 7-5 team that went 10-2 thanks to gift wrapped victories from the officials and a night opponent losing their senior quarterback early in the 2nd quarter.  (And even after Denard went out, the refs fucked things up.  Apparently in Lincoln, you can roll over the football on the ground and if it goes back up in the air, it's not dead and can be intercepted.) 

This is karma and the Huskers deserve it ten fold. 

And now Wisconsin will be the first Big Ten team, at least in the last 50 years, to go to the Rose Bowl unranked and without a winning record in conference during the regular season. 

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glad to see that nebraska is getting exposed as the fraud of a team that it is. starting next year, the title game goes into the hands of michigan and ohio for the foreseeable future. the way it belongs.


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Wisconsin's offense has done a good job of mixing up plays. Ball has done a marvelous job running to the outside.

Their defense has only lined up two players on third down with four players flashing blitz. This has confused Nebraska's offense. 

Brilliant game plan by Wisconsin's coaches and executed to perfection by the players.


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Wow Bradley just kicked some butt. That was rather impressive actually. Made his first ten or something like that.

Also the commentary was painfully awkward.


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Whoo Hoo!  Dr Pepper Halftime football toss into giant cans of soda pop in front of a bunch empty seats.

And Dave Brandon was willing to give up Michigan - Ohio State on the last weekend of the regular season for this?



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Should be ok because its not the same Mississippi State or the same Michigan from 3 years ago. However, it will be unbearable because of all the Gator Bowl flash backs we'll have to endure for the weeks leading up to the game and during the game