The Big Ten Announces Preseason Players To Watch

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In your opinion - is there any other Michigan player that should be on this list?

(I think the final line in this brief article sums it up best: "Of course, these preseason lists are 100 percent accurate and should be taken as absolute truth. That’s why July is the best college football month out of the year.")





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I'm not so sure that Miller is going to run away with the award this year.  He accounted for 3310 yards last year (running and passing).  If Gardner's numbers were extrapolated out for a 12 game season, he would have accounted for 3167 yards.

The biggest difference is in TD's.  Miller had 15 passing and 13 running (28 total).  Gardner had 11 passing and 7 only five games!  That calculates out to 25 and 16 (rounding down) over a 12 game schedule!

I realize that this isn't a very scientific examination but it shows that Gardner certainly has skills on the same level as Miller.  Probably more if you consider that a QB should be able to, you know, throw the ball.

Personally, I don't want to see Gardner rush for 16 TD's.  It would be nice if the RB's could find the endzone in the ground game.  However, I'm very optimistic for the "complete game" that Gardner will bring to the field this year.




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Personally, I'm done comparing Miller to Gardner. Miller is ohio's Denard. 

Devin is going to do more than what's shown on a stat-sheet. I hope our offense looks like a hybrid of Alabama and Stanford with a Vince Young element to it. 

Garnder will pass for more TD's than Braxton. I'll guarantee that however I need to. "Raback it" | "BK Finest it" | SIDELINE IT!


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Braxton might become "Ohio's Denard," but he isn't even close yet.  Denard displayed class and dignity during every public moment in four years at Michigan, and the story told by Devin Gardner yesterday about Denard's encouragement and mentoring behind the scenes adds to his legend.

When Miller shows four years of class and dignity, and can maintain it while facing even a small portion of some of the challenges Denard had to face, then, maybe, I can buy into Miller as "Ohio's Denard."

Until then, he isn't even close.


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Well I'd put green on the list simply because he's the #1 true freshman rb in the country and is expected to get good playing time and compete to take over as the number one back

Ali G Bomaye

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I'm not sure this list serves a purpose.  If you're paying attention to Big Ten Media Days in July, I think it's a safe bet that you're going to pay some attention to Devin Gardner and Braxton Miller in the fall.


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Thanks Big Ten. I had NO idea which players to watch for when the season comes around..



Shouldn't a players to watch list contain players that the average joe football fan might not know about? You know, players that someone might actually have to watch for?


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tsiO fans have seizures at the mention of a Michigan running back or receiver, and that any mention of Gardner results in a cold, dead, stare.


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One minor note is that this is the second time that Taylor Lewan has made this list, the first time being last year. Denard Robinson was also honored twice in 2011 and 2012. I believe Montee Ball and Braxton Miller are the only other players to make it twice in the three seasons that they've been doing this, although I could be wrong there.