Big Ten 2014 M Swimming Champs: Michigan

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#2 and defending NCAA Champions, Michigan DESTROYS the competition at Canham Natatorium for their FOURTH STRAIGHT B1G CHAMPIONSHIP!

Perspective: Michigan finished the meet with 889 points. The next closest team, Indiana, had 325....


Michigan Swim & Dive @umichswimdive 2m

Let the celebration begin! Michigan is BIG TEN CHAMPS for the fourth year in a row! #GOBLUE #B1GSwim



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Total Big Ten Championships:

Ohio State-203
Michigan State-95
Penn State-72

Michigan's breakdown:  Football-42, M Swimming-38, M Tennis-36, Baseball-35, M Outdoor Track-31, M Indoor Track-26, W Gymnastics-19, Softball-17, M Gymnastics-16, M Basketball-14, W Swimming-14, M Golf-12, Wrestling-11, M Cross Country-9, W Cross Country-9, Field Hockey-8, W Indoor Track-8, W Outdoor Track-7, Hockey-5, Rowing-5, W Tennis-5, Volleyball-1. 

(Michigan leads the Big Ten in championships in the sports in bold type).

Wolverine Devotee

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In hockey, the B1G refers to the Big 10 titles teams claim as unofficial in terms of the history of hockey in the conference. So officially, B1G Hockey began this season.

If you add up all of Michigan's conference championships while they were in the Western Conference, WCHA, Big 10 and CCHA, they have 26 conference championships.

Another one not listed is Water Polo who has 5 CWPA Championships


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Please allow me to dispute the point you made about hockey.  Check the Big Ten Record Book, page 35:…

Nowhere does it use the word "unofficial."  Also check pages 39 & 40.  It states "Ice hockey was discontinued after 1980-81 and reinstated as a conference sport in 2013-14."  It's quite clear that the official Big Ten Record Book is (correctly) counting these as actual records, and includes the hockey titles in all of their official publications.

Also, I agree that Michigan hockey and water polo both have championships as members of other conferences; I was quite clear that I was referring only to Big Ten Championships, of which Michigan now has 368 officially recognized by the Big Ten.


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Alton.... This is very valuable info for M fans.... I once saw similar information on a Purdue blog; the blogger was making a case that Purdue needed to invest more $$$ into their athletic facilities in order to be more competitive, etc..... At that time I attempted to locate the source of this info, but was unsuccessful. Where did you obtain these figures? I'd like to be able to refer my Sparty pals to the source, should the need arise :) Thanks!


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As we used to say when I swam Div III:

"Hey!  We're cool.

"We gonna get on down in your pool.

"We gonna shift and shake and percolate.

"We gonna get on down in your pool!  (fool)"

And now we would like a word with the Univ of Florida Gators.


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We all know that this season the B1G has the deepest Conference for Men's Hoops.  I would also argue that in Men's Swimming & Diving, with #2 (Mich), #4 (OSU), #7 (IU), #11 (Minnesota), #23 (Purdue) & #24 (Penn St), the B1G also has the deepest Conference.  Please note that THIS is the competition that the Wolverines just destroyed in Conference Championships.

True Blue Grit

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I know Mike Bottom and he's simply a great person.  He's like the John Beilein of swimming coaches - knows what he's doing and does everything with class.  

Shorty the Bea…

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From the press release on MGoBlue:

The Wolverines tallied 889 points over the four-day of competition, blowing by second-place Indiana (564 points) and third-place Ohio State (515 points).


So I'm not sure where you had IU w/325.