Big story about to break about Bama

Submitted by julesh on September 1st, 2013 at 7:54 PM

Still looking like we're going to have a big, big Bama story in SI next week.... Updates to come.

— Lars Anderson (@LarsAndersonSI) September 1, 2013

All I can say about the SI feature is this: I've worked very, very hard on it for over two months and Saban and Co. know it's coming.

— Lars Anderson (@LarsAndersonSI) September 1, 2013
I'm betting it ends up being a big letdown. Any guesses?



September 1st, 2013 at 7:58 PM ^

Oh good, now the NCAA - no matter how bad it might be - can again be like, "Noooooow boooooyyyssszzs, make sure you never do that again, ok? Now run along and play."

Brown Bear

September 1st, 2013 at 8:00 PM ^

SI sure is working hard to make these "big" stories sound like something. I expect nothing earth shattering and being Alabama if its anything the NCAA will ignore it anyhow.

Section 1

September 1st, 2013 at 8:11 PM ^, the new e-home of our old buddy Michael Rosenberg, has been on a run of big letdown overblown stories.  They didn't distinguish themselves in Tatgate.

If this guy worked on his story for two months, that's twice as long as Rosey worked on Stretchgatge, and if he contacted Saban and Alabama more than 36 hours before publication, that's more than what Rosey did with Bruce Madej.

So my money is on a large yawn.  But you never know.  Unless Nick Saban has been sleeping with a live boy or a dead girl, I have real doubts that the vaunted Alabama program will find itself in any untenable position with the NCAA.

But hey, this is why we  play the games  read the stories when they get published.  It will be interesting if Bama hires Michigan's former counsel (Gene Marsh and Bill King at the Lightfoot firm) in Birmingham, AL.


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Apparently Lars Anderson is an adjunct professor at Bama, and has a book about Bama and the tornado coming out soon... Doubt it's anything bad, or at most, some fluff piece on over signing


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There's been smoke around Alabama for the last few years...players wearing a different suit every game, players driving new $50k SUV's.  No way in hell their local media would ever do an investigative piece though....bunch of shit-kicking, knuckle dragging, inbred mouth breathers down there. Truly win at all costs


September 2nd, 2013 at 4:03 AM ^

You used self aware and OSU fan in the same post. These are mutually exclusive entities. Please do not expect more from the football factory down south....they worship their current used car salesman coach and celebrate their prior (no pun intended) fraudulent coach as a martyr. I think the self realization ship has long sailed in Cbus.