Big Michigan Football Surprise?

Submitted by 814 East U on February 14th, 2013 at 12:17 PM

@M_Ferns10 Big surprise gonna be released tomorrow for all current and future#Michigan commits.

M commit Michael Ferns. 

HELLO post to come? I'm excited so I am fully buckled. However, I could see a new uniform.

[Ed-Ace: I'm told it's not a commitment. Still good news, though.]



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I wonder if there renovating the weight room and athletic facility again? Recruits love that kind of thing. Given that Alabama just spent something like 9 million on there's, Michigan may feel the need to step it up.


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Why does everyone keep

Why does everyone keep sticking to this "wait until neutral sites" line of thinking? What happened last night wasn't home court advantage, it was a straight up ass slamming by a superior team that figured out and exploited every weakness we have. The home court didn't do much against OSU; we damn near, and probably should have, lost that one as well. Playing on a neutral floor isn't going to give this team heart, toughness, or fix any of the other glaring issues that good teams have exposed.

I'm almost positive, after giving this a great deal of thought, that everyone that uses a semi colon on a blog is a d-bag. The other issue I have with it, is you probably don't know the correct times in which it's supposed to be used. I don't believe you were connecting two independent clauses in that particular sentence. Feel free to correct me. Also, you wouldn't quote something in that sentence unless it could be directly linked to a certain quotation or usage by an individual. Since you're claiming everyone is sticking to it, and it's a line of thinking, it wouldn't need quotations to begin with.


Edit: I'll await my negging for basically doing what the person who is being upvoted did to me. Thanks.

814 East U

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I would love to have OSU at night but if DB refuses to have MSU at night I do not seem him playing OSU at night, especially since the BIG is not a fan of November night games.

EEESSSSS EEEE CEEEEE home and home please. I'll take 4 tickets.


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Per Steve Lorenz, "It's not visitor or commitment related. I promised Michael I wouldn't say anything. I'll just say this: he's really embracing the role of leading this class."