"Big Interest" from Kevin Dillman (2015 5-Star QB)

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Per national analyst Ryan Bartow's free "Insider Notes" piece from today:

"3- Kevin Dillman, 5-star QB, La Mirada (Calif.) 
Michigan and Nebraska are his Top 2. If Michigan offers, the Wolverines could likely land a commitment this winter or spring"


“I grew up watching Tom Brady. If there was one offer I could wish for it would be Michigan. I really like their coaching staff,” - 5-star QB Kevin Dillman, La Mirada


Tom Brady a big reason why five-star QB Kevin Dillman (La Mirada, CA) says #Michigan is the offer he covets most: http://t.co/x5bjMRXLF0

— Steve Lorenz (@TremendousUM) September 30, 2013

All free info here, by the way. This sounds really good



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"He said he is leaning to agree with Howard's assessment that a kid labeled as a great athlete should raise some eyebrows"

Well, that's not quite what Howard said, and it's not what I presented Howard as saying.

Howard's point -- and I used this word in my paraphrase of him -- was that when a quarterback is primarily known as an athlete, it's a red flag.  I did not emphasize "primarily" in my original post, but perhaps I should have.

It makes a difference.  All the chatter above about Vince Young and Michael Vick is because those posters are thinking the point being made is a QB who is also athletic.  That's not the point.  Michael Vick and Vince Young were both athletic and good QBs. 

So if we leave proper names out of this -- since it serves as a distraction, apparently -- the question is better phased like this:  Who would you rather have -- a really athletic kid who runs around a lot and makes bad decisions?  Or a less athletic kid who seems to be pretty good at reading defenses and making decisions?

That's Howard's point.  The primary attribute of a QB is first to be a good QB.

Of course one would want both if one could get both.  Of course.

But if a recruit is a great athlete but very raw and very mistake-prone at the QB position, then there's a concern.  Because a QB has to first and foremost be the QB and lead the offense.  If they can't do that it's a problem.

It's like a team whose QB leads the team in rushing.  Good thing or bad thing?  I'd argue a bad thing.  Not because the yards are bad, but because it's an indication of an improper balance in the team's offense.  Howard's point, and I tend to agree in principle, is that a QB that is athletic but not good at the QB role tends to rely too much on his athleticism, which is great when it works, but it can be a problem when it fails to work.  Mississippi State had that figured out in the bowl game against Michigan a few years back.


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is a 4/5 star QB, not some 3 star flyer.  I'm not so certain that the services give him that status if he is seen as some mistake prone project.

And let's forget that Vick, Young, and Newton were succesful in college because that's not really where I was going.  In fact Dillman is listed as Pro-Style so is probably nothing like them.  I bring them into the conversation because they were all high rated prospects out of high school who were likely rated as "great athletes."  Not all QBs described this way are going to produce at the next level, but I think that there is a pretty good argument that you shouldn't get overly pessimistic about the "great athlete" label.



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I was commenting on this post-


The knock is that he is a great athlete, but fairly unpolished as a QB.

Which simply puts out why some think he might not be offereed aand makes no value judgment on it.   The Desmond post does make an value judgment/impllicit ageement, and is certainly up for debate.


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They're probably still evaluating him, the same goes for Brady White. The coaches will offer when they feel he deserves to be offered. Lucien-Smith on the other hand seems like a no brainer to offer, but it looks like the coaches are holding that spot for Cornell only at the moment.


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I understand they want to be careful on QB offers and really take their time. But to me this seems like a no brainer. A 5-star QB from Cali who wants to play in a pro style and is also mobile. Not to mention he wants a Michigan offer bad. If he's a bit unpolished thats fine, with Morris and Speight ahead of him no one is asking him to come in and play right away. I haven't watched his highlights, but he is still a 5 star to 247 and a high 4 star to ESPN so how unpolished can he be?


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So glad our coaching staff has a better thought process than "ZOMG!  247 gave him 5 stars and he said he likes us!  Forget everyone else - let's wrap him up NOW!!"

You know, like "hmm...let's get some film on this guy so we can decide what we think."

Early commentary from one of the Scout guys is that he's the #5 rated QB - in California.


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Take it easy there champ. No need to get all excited.

I'm not critizing the staff or claiming to know more than them. I said "to me". I know my opinion doesn't matter to the staff. But this is a message board and an appropriate place to share opinions.

And being the 5th QB in California isn't knock on him considering the other 4 are all rated as 5 stars and 4 stars as well.



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Scout lists him as the #3 prostyle qb but ESPN says he is the #1 dual threat guy. Scout has him at #6 qb. I'm down for having him here with a couple of years under Morris.

Blue in Yarmouth

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You know, for me I have been pretty open about questioning our offensive coaching staff in various ways the past two years but one place I don't question anyone on staff is in their recruiting. I mean, to me this seems like a  no-brainer but this coaching staff has proven they know the business of recruiting so even though I think they should be offering this guy and L-S I will give them the benefit of the doubt. Hopefully they come through with offers for both guys soon, but if not I can't bring myself to questions this staff where recruiting is concerned. Hopefully in the end they both go Blue.


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Here are some of his highlights from the last season. Could not find much from this current one save for a video of Dillman taking the ball himself for a TD on a goal line play:

Ron Utah

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In response to why we haven't offered him yet, just look at the tape.

He's obviously an athlete, and it's awesome that he plays both ways and lines-up at WR.  Seems like the worst-case scenario is that he becomes a TE.

That said, there isn't much passing in this reel, and his motion is a little funky.  I'd want to know much more before I offered him.


October 1st, 2013 at 12:28 PM ^

I would think there is some consideration whether it is wise or worth it to offer another QB for 2015.  When you consider the role that Speight has and is having on landing other 2015 recruits, it becomes more of a sensitive issue.  There is more to it than simply going after a 5 star because he expresses interest.  What about the potential ripple effects of such an offer on the rest of the class?


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To me, the problem with that logic is that our one offer has expressed ZERO interest in leaving California, let alone coming to Michigan. Wilton Speight was an under-the-radar guy who jumped at his offer, while Rosen just doesn't care.

It seems like Dillman is more like Speight than Rosen, with the difference being he is not under-the-radar. If he is willing to go all out for us in talent-rich California, what's the downside from a recruiting standpoint?


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this blunt but but do your effin' job as a QB coach and take the two developmental years your QB depth offers and coach the kid up. From now he still has 4-5 years before he has to see the field. If it's only a question of being polished or not then that's a lame excuse because you aren't going to ask him to come in a take over the reins day one. I could be wrong but even with average throwing skills, elite athlete QBs can lead you to many wins...


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>> but even with average throwing skills, elite athlete QBs can lead you to many wins

I'm no QB coach, but it seems to me throwing skills are secondary to good decision management skills.  If a QB has great legs, an average arm, but he tends to make very few mistakes ... that's gold.  Mistakes hurt.  Mistakes at critical points in the game kill.


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Bet you can win a lot with those too.

The point being is if you think someone else is better should you offer another guy before you even have a chance at getting him and close your QB recruiting?  They've offered a total of one guy. Untill they've offereed a bunch more it's not strange that Dillman hasn't gotten an offer yet.  They're probably assessing who they want most as their 2nd choice right now and not just offering to the first guy who will say yes.


October 1st, 2013 at 1:39 PM ^

The coaches may be looking at tape and deciding whether they want to offer him primarily as a QB or WR. From what I understand, they would want to decide where a recruit would fit in the class before making the offer, in large part to avoid misleading him.


October 1st, 2013 at 1:08 PM ^

He's a perfect fit for RR with good wheels, a quick release, a strong arm, and experience with the zone read.  He's also a pretty perfect fit for us as I don't see the presumed rawness in his film as a sophomore.  Malzone is still my #1 guy... but I'd take both.


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I will start with that.  Saying Vince Young or Tim Tebow were not great college QB's because of thier NFL production is not fair.  They both were all americans and won national championships I would say that is a much better yard stick to measure a QB's college football skills.     

Tyrone Biggums

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Dilman has huge upside, he is kinda of  Devin 2.0. I think there are still some issues around his immigration status, notwithstanding the coaches being ultra selective with their QB offers. He's a beast, Want!