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Submitted by Wolverine Devotee on June 16th, 2011 at 12:11 PM

I was looking for a Michigan-related gift for my stepdad for his birthday next month, and I came across this stadium seat that attaches to the top of the bleacher at Michigan Stadium. It's a pretty decent price so I may get one for myself also because after awhile those bleacher seats at The Big House hurt your ass big time. I was wondering if anyone knows if there's any restrictions on seat cusions like these? I don't recall ever seeing them but they're pretty nice and I'd love to take them to games. Thanks.



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Even the butt pads will get sent back every once in a while.  My dad got turned back once and I called him on his cell to see what was up and he tried another line and got through with it no problem.


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Those would be as welcome as a fat guy in front of (or next to) you or someone with extra pointy knees behind you.  If the ushers somehow let that in, your neighbors in the stands wouldn't tolerate it.


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What I like about that is you can really relax your diaphragm while sitting back.  This helps you to really get some wind behind a good "Down in front!" shout...


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If you must bring the babby, go early in case they want to search the bag. Pack some prescription meds. If they give you trouble, politely say you need to carry your medicine. My best friend is diabetic and doesnt use a pump, so she always needs a purse full of insulin, meter, strips, etc, and I've (thankfully) never seen someone try to confiscate it after she explained.


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You can't bring cushions into the game, nor would you need to. To alleviate this situation, Mich now offers (well, more like forcefull persuasion) season ticket holders the right to lease a cushion, when renewing season tix.

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Do you have any authority for the assertion that soft foam-type seat cushions will be prohibited in 2011?  I hate to tell anyone that they're wrong, but if foam seat cushions are now banned, it is news, and it is the first time in the 80+ year-history of the stadium that they would be banned.

You are correct about the new licensed seat cushion promotion for 2011 through IMG, for season ticket holders.  Cost is $32 per seat for the season.  (And per an earlier thread -- Yes, they will have Maize cushions for the Maize Block M on the east side of the Stadium.)