Big House Hate, Funny UF bashing

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This guy bashes the Big House...but before the new structure.  The Florida section is hilarious.  This is true too.  I went to a Florida-South Carolina game back in 2006...The blocked kick / extra ponts game---total redneckville. 

Any of us that complain about Columbus or East Lansing are spoiled, because Gainesville is a sewer of ignorance



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I have a cousin that lives in Gainsville (U of M grad). She went to a game once, she said never again. She still roots for the gators 2nd but Michigan is always first.


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You have to be a fan to understand the excitement in Michigan Stadium. That's all there is to it. I just don't care what this clown thinks.


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I read the comment and thought "fish" when I saw  this "word", possibly because poorly prepared salmon could be called "suckeye". Anyway, the article made me think that Bleacher Report wasn't all that bad really, which is frightening in itself.


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my best friend from hs went to UF, so I use to go down there to visit him every fall and went to a couple games. the best part was def seeing and hanging with the "talent" there before and after games.


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I honestly think the height thing is a huge positive. I'll always remember my first time going to Michigan Stadium as a scrawny sixth grader who had just started running cross country to run steps with my uncle. Walking in the gates I was confident I would be okay, that confidence quickly faded as I saw the bowl seemingly grow before my eyes walking in. Damn was I ever sore the next day.


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And went to enough games to shit all over this guys assessment of Florida's gameday atmosphere.  And I don't even like rooting for the Gators.  I'm sure the guy may have run into a screaming redneck or two, but it certainly isn't prevalent.  At all.  Besides, we have enough coeds to take your mind off the fact that it may seem like a KKK convention every now n then.  Just think of the coeds.  Overrated, my ass.


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Haters will hate, but his crticism of the stadium is what many have said before.

Doesn't hold sound in well, too many Ivory tower types, and not that impressive from the outside (different now with the structures in place) 

As for UF, the students are awesome, girls are hot as hell, but there are way too many yocal folk at the games...and they aren't the classiest bunch.  That being said, he probably sat next to two n-bomb raging lunatics that ruined his experience and soured his perspective.


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Terrible article. Much worse than bleacher report. I have been to the big house (obviously) but I have also been to the swamp, and I can say that neither are overrated at ALL. They both are great stadiums and atmospheres. I have a feeling this writer has never been to either...


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Went to the South Carolina-UF game in the swamp last year. Have to say, although Florida lost, it was pretty exciting. The Big House is awesome for it's sheer numbers and beauty, epic even. The Swamp is electric and loud. Gotta love it. Look forward to going back to both this year!


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Since my daughter is now a Gator, I went to a few games this year - mostly in the skyboxes. I just could not really cheer for the Gators and was sort-of happy to see all of those bad snaps and offensive snafues  (In one game, at the end of the half, Florida had more points - something like 21 - as opposed to yards - like 20.
However, the Swamp has a great college atmosphere, spirit and very loud. The stadium was filled with the school colors.  Heard no racists comments and saw no real renecks (Not like Alabama)
But the Swamp does not have the class (in my opinion) of the Michigan Stadium. The Big House is the biggest and best.  It was a great atmosphere, but not nearly as loud and raucous  as Florida. Hopefully, the new skyboxes (which I was able to see this year) will increase the noise level.  
Note:   I went to UM when we could bring in alcohol into the stadium and at half time - I would run to the local store for some more.  That is truly was college football was all about.  


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Actually, I kind of liked that the stadium didn't tower over the city (before the renovations).  It made going into it that much more impressive.  You couldn't believe that a roughly 30foot wall could hold 100,000+ people.  Of course, now the guy will probably complain that it is a pretty tasteful structure where you don't see all the steel girders and stuff......