Big House BBQ

Submitted by mdsgoblue on July 28th, 2011 at 8:06 AM
Does anybody have any information as to who caters the BBQ and whether or not the AD publicly accepts bids for it.

The reasons I'm curious are my buddy and I own a BBQ catering business, we are rabid Michigan fans and would consider catering this event the opportunity of a lifetime.

Inside information welcome.




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I think the official process is everyone lines up and you wait for Hoke to point at you.  If this happens, you have been selected.

All kidding aside, I have no idea.  I always envisioned in my head a more "family back yard style" where the coaches are doing the grilling and Dave Brandon bringing in something like a pasta salad instead of it being catered.  Not sure why I thought that seeing as they would need to be grilling A LOT of food themselves...


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With this years OL class, Mr. and Mrs. Brandon are going to be damn busy for about a week before the BBQ. Recipe:

162lbs macaroni.

2 vats of mayo.

1 acre of raw broccoli...

Of course this is in contrast with RR's classes; Kalis could probably outeat about six receivers.

Blue in Seattle

July 28th, 2011 at 9:17 AM ^

I think he's being serious.  I don't think this BBQ is being catered by a guy with a smoker trailer on his pickup.

also, considering all of the other vendors who provide food to the athletic facilities, and around campus in general, I would think that there is a preferred vendor list, and they just selected someone off of that.

If anything I thought this OP was a joke.



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It's pretty obvious that the OP meant the question for future football-related events.  Anyone who knows anything about event planning would realize this, such as the OP himself.  

As for the original question, I'd just put in some calls to the athletic office.  If you really want to be remembered, maybe offer to bring the office some samples with a card and a discount or whatnot.  As one who used to decide those things, that's what I'd be receptive to.


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that Sodexo handles the whole thing with the contract UM signed with them to provide for all the suites and all over campus.  I know there is a BBQ section of the menu for the suites as well.

Naked Bootlegger

July 28th, 2011 at 8:28 AM ^

....will be the master chef at this year's BBQ.    Remember Roh's quote from earlier this year regarding the vast quantities of meat consumed at a Martin-sponsored cookout?   Put the block M apron on, Mike, and make these recruits something special on the grill.

Could someone please cue up the Hulk/Martin picture with a meat-laden (or Big 10 QB-laden ) skewer in one hand added to it?

Naked Bootlegger

July 28th, 2011 at 10:39 AM ^

...this will work!   Excellent.  Print 'em up as posters and plaster them all over campus.   The only thing to make it better would be the bloody, dismembered bodies of various Big 10 QB's somewhere in the poster.   But that might scare the kids.


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I would pay
<br>Author:MeowGOBLUE Date:2011-07-28 at 08:32
<br>Big money to see mike Martin out there
<br>making barbecue for everybody. If only it were true it would be awesome.
<br>P. S. Where is this pic. It's needed.

Naked Bootlegger

July 28th, 2011 at 10:43 AM ^

Sorry to confuse, but I was hoping someone w/ photoshop skills could make a pic w/  Martin/Hulk holding a skewer of bloody meat.   I don't think the image actually exists (although we got a nice attempt above!).  If it did exist, I would immediately Fathead it and hang it next to my large M flag that is unfurled in my basement.


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They used to get Famous Daves catered a lot.They also get a lot of Cottage Inn and places like that. That was a couple of years ago so I am sure that has changed. I would also be willing to bet that if you were able to offer better food at better prices, they would not turn you away. Cold call the football/athletic department since most every sport gets food catered quite often. Worst they will say is no.