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And yet you were that guy.

This thread contributes a much desired link to video highlights, which were not featured in the thread to which you link. Well worth a new one.

Sorry dude, I gots to neg...


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With a world attendance record, a Big House attendance record, the massive pile of money the university will make from this, great weather, excellent throwback unis, all the good press from the event, fireworks, and a shutout of MSU, I'd say that's the recipe for the absolute perfect event.


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I was nervous about the corporate aspect, but as long as you could ignore the "Arby's Presents" above the Big Chill logo, I thought it was tremendously well done.  The sponsorships were worked in pretty subtly, minus the net-defending Curly Fries in the first intermission (State could've used him in goal). Overall, the event was tremendously well executed.  The atmosphere was electric after the first few minutes, and the top 5 hockey moments, the Guinness Book presentation, and 5 continuous minutes of dancing really kept the crowd in it. DB passed the test with flying if only he continues to make good decisions (ahem). 

One complaint- the band starting playing Temptation when Denard walked by on his victory lap.  I know it has a different meaning for hockey, but I'm not 100% sure he knew that.  Bad timing.


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Unless Denard has been attending hockey games, which, I suppose he could be doing (I don't track him...), the football usage of "Temptation" is for the "You Suck" chant.  No clue as to whether or not he knew, but I was sitting with some folks that don't attend hockey games and they were perplexed as to why MMB was playing the "You Suck" chant as Denard walked by.  That's all.


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Of the best of the best of the best of the best.

Go Blue!

Can you imagine a football recruit going to this game and seeing 11,113,999 ga billion fans watching a bloody hockey game and then thinking about his participation in a football game in the same arena (the Big House)?  Sign me up baby!


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Lets get this going each time we play them. To the tune of "If you're happy and you know it"


If you can't get into college go to state


If you can't get into college go to state


If you like it in the asshole

and like burning couches

If you can't get into college go to state



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For anyone interested in non-HD highlights.  (I realize I'm breaking my football only rule but considering this was history AND took place in college football's holy shrine, why the hell not?)