The Big Chill and the Weather; what happens if it rains?

Submitted by Quail2theVict0r on December 10th, 2010 at 8:12 AM


So tomorrow's weather forecast says that aroudn 3:00 tomorrow we're supposed to start seeing freezing rain/snow mix. Has the Big Chill been set up with any weather stipulations? I'm assuming they can't play if it's raining or even snowing that hard. Anyone know what the weather plans are?



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I'm not sure exactly what would weather conditions would cause them to postpone the Big Chill, but the official "Snow Day" for the Big Chill is Sunday the 12th, according the intinerary my friends in the MMB got.  I didn't ask if they knew what would constitute such a delay and they didn't volunteer the information, if they knew it.


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First, a white powdery substance will fall from the heavens and descend ever so majestically onto the raucuous crowd within the Big House and also on the players and benches on the field/ice.......Think football and Purdue 1996 home game or Minnesota game under the portable lights in about 1983 or so.......

Your avatar, while displaying a nice and appropriate block M, lives in a fictional place called Bluffington in the Midwest that has its own uniiversity, right?  Maybe about 100-miles south-southwest of Toledo?  Probably don't get to see too much white powdery stuff there?  Go Quail man!


Enough of being a smart ass, outside games continue on regardless and that is part of both the thrill and entertainment and atmosphere of outside hockey.....Ice will hold up because the outdoor rink constructed here for these kind of events usually has a portable refrigeration layer under the ice linked to a portable refrigeration unit to make sure you have ice without regard for exact temperatures...


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I was simply wondering if they were planning any weather stipulations. There ARE certain weather conditions that would prevent hockey from being played, despite the wise cracks. If it starts to rain hard tomorrow I can't imagine they would continue playing.

It has nothing to do with me being willing to sit in it. I sat through the most recent Northwestern games at home, along with the OSU game in 2007; you know the ones where 70% of the stadium left.


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either way.  I'm excited to head out and watch the game.  They were talking about it on the radio this morning and it sounds like it's going to be awesome.  Biggest crowd to ever watch a hockey game... and I can't imagine that the record ever gets broken unless they do another one at the Big House.


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You remember it different than I do.  While, I feel it deserves its own UM/NW badge for those who attended, I do not remember raucousness.  It was miserable and I froze and I am a better man for it.  But in no way did I enjoy myself during that game.


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Just think back to your pond hockey days. You play through it, and everytime someone scores, the youngest kid on the ice has to shovel the rink.


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You drop the puck!  You think the kids up in Moosejaw go running in from the pond when it snows?  I can't think of anything more awesome than snow tomorrow.

I just might have to check the weather and adjust my tailgate whiskey intake accordingly.


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If it snows, this game gets tons of publicity.  College or pro hockey being played in the snow is a "man bites dog" story.   It will make the top ten highlights on ESPN, and most sports outlets will probably show at least a ten second snippet.  It will give every sports personality in the country a chance to smile or laugh and make an entertaining comment. 


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John Gabriel is the guy who sells those "Even LeBron Hates Ohio" and "Michigan Drinking" etc. t-shirts right by the Elbel Field fence exit where Hoover crosses the train tracks. You'll see him on gamedays with a bullhorn shouting clever shit about the opponent.

Awesome dude.


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On ice skating surfaces you typically have a thin layer of water, which is why when you fall your ass gets wet (not that I ever fall).  So snow normally melts on contact and you get a slush that slows you down and makes the game more physical.   I've played on outdoor rinks and lake ice up north and normally by the middle of a period you aren't moving fast and there is a lot of hitting.  

The ice itself doesn't melt due to the water on the top actually providing some insulation and the cold lake water on the underside.  I'd imagine we have a cooling system under our rink that will provide the same thing. 

If it gets really bad I think we'll just see an extended commercial break or something in the middle of the period where they run around to clear the ice off.  So clean it every 10 minutes instead of 20 basically.