BIG CHAMP game attendance

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Has anyone noticed the number of tickets available on StubHub for the game on Saturday.....almost 10,000 available and prices as low as $12 per ticket.  I think it's kinda sweet justice for us that it wont be a packed house.  I was able to dump 2 and having a hard time selling the other two.  



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Middle of nowhere indoor hole 'championship' game between 3rd and 4th, and the refs just as likely as not to fuck it up if it's close

Just think, if we had dumped Pedo St like we should've this would've been avoided. Or if we hadn't invited Maryland/Rutgers

Won't be watching this one even on tv


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Headed to the ACC title game in Orlando this weekend to root for chaos... tix right now are $8 and dropping. It's becoming a virtual guarantee that I will spend more on one beer than the cost of entry.


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Everything about the Big Ten Championship Game seems off.  It's played off-campus, in a domed NFL stadium, in a state that cares more about basketball than football.  For the nation's oldest athletic conference it doesn't feel right at all.




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I get it, outdoor stadium in December, blah blah blah.

But Chicago is the B1G's "central city" --- the B1G's version of Atlanta or Charlotte or Dallas (SEC/ACC/Big XII "central cities").  It's where the game belongs.  Play it during the afternoon if one is concerned about the weather (although, of course, that would limit TV $, so Delany vetoes that option immediately).

There's only 3 indoor stadiums in the B1G footprint.  MSP is too far west and isolated.  A majority of conference members would veto Detroit.  So Indianapolis it is (and shall remain).

Indy will still sell out occasionally, when both fanbases are energized about the game (2013 OSU vs MSU, or 2015 Iowa vs MSU).  This year, from what I've seen anecdotally, the PSU side is fairly enthused but less so on the Wisconsin side.


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I honestly thought the team would quit after the infamous FG at 28-0.  I was very down on my team at that point, and shaking my head at the message the field goal attempt sent.

They still played hard the rest of that game --- and also in the 8 games after.  I give the team credit for that, they rebounded very very well.


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Honestly did not see how a team could come back from that. It especially said we can't win the game but I want to make sure we don't get shut out.
Thought that would ultimately lead to Franklin losing the team, leading to him being fired.
Instead my wife now routes for the guy now because he was so happy after the osu game he cried. Lol funny how things can turn around.

1989 UM GRAD

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I'm sure you are a lovely person, but as far as I'm concerned, your team shouldn't exist let alone be playing in the B1G Championship. Just thinking about how many lives were ruined as the result of the malfeasance of the coaching staff and administration still makes me sick...especially as a parent of two teens.


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Here is to hoping a half empty stadium plays a role in deciding if Michigan is more worthy than PSU or Wisconsin. We all know the CFP is about the greenbacks and not about the best 4 teams, or 4 most worthy teams.


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This is the thing that I think is really keeping us alive after losing 2 of 3 to end the season.  The Game was the single highest rated game of the year, both on TV and streaming, by a massive amount.  I live in NY and I can't tell you how many people who have no relationship to either team (and aren't big college football fans) came up to me and told me that the watched The Game from beginning to end.  By contrast, I bet that the only thing propping up the Big Championship Game will be Michigan fans watching to see how the game impacts us! 

The thought of Alabama beating Wisconsin by 63 points in the semi-finals CANNOT be something that anybody wants.  By contrast, think about the hype of Michigan / Alabama.  The winningest program of all time, with its deap midwest tradition, against the southern team that has completely dominated the past decade; two true bluebloods in the football world; and, most of all, Harbaugh vs. Saban!  After the summer camp spat between the two, the hype on this game would be pretty close to off the charts.  PLaying this out a bit more, knowing that the winner goes on to likely face OSU in the finals - a Michigan / Bama semi-final game could shatter viewership records, only to be beaten by a Michigan / OSU rematch in the finals.  This HAS to weigh in our favor, no?



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I get that ESPN executives and bean counters care about that sort of stuff.  They have a vested interest in higher ratings, of course.

But --- be objective here ---- why should that be any sort of factor in the conversations amongst the playoff committee members?  That's definitely not any sort of qualitative or quanitative criteria as to what team did more to earn a playoff spot!

I'm cynical about this committee because they are a political entity (I'm on the record of predicting they won't invite 2 B1G teams no matter what happens).  But even I'm not cynical enough to believe TV ratings matter in their conversations.


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NittanyFan, I totally agree with you IN CONCEPT - the ratings and viewership should have zero relevance whatsoever to the selection of who gets into the CFP.  You are 100% correct, and it is bullshit that this would influence the committee.

HOWEVA, the reality is that this likely will be something that every person in that room - or at least those in the room that are business-minded - at least take into consideration, even if just slightly.  Will it sway any votes?  Who knows - as a Michigan fan, I sure as hell hope so, as it could get my team in. 


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Here is a rare chance for us fans to make even a sliver of a difference for our team:

If Washington loses tomorrow night, I think that we all agree that we have a real chance of getting into the top 4, but that the biggest obstacle would be the winner of the B1G Championship Game.  So, if Washington loses - big if - its us vs. the participants in that game for the final spot. 

If you are going:  Bring a big-ass sign saying something along the lines of: "These teams suck, Michigan is Better" or "Both Lost to Michigan (PSU by 40+)".  Please try to be more creative than I am.  You know that ESPN would show a bunch of those signs. 

If you are on social media (I am not): Tweet, facebook (is that a verb?), instagram, whatever throughout the game that this game sucks and that neither of these teams belong in the Top 4.  Let's get: "#Mich/OSURematch" trending during the game! 

I know, many on here will think that this is all sillyness, but if the difference between us going and us staying home is really razer thin, then every little bit helps.  Hell, WD single-handedly took out Dave Brandon by posting on this blog!



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The B1G missed out on a lot of money screwing Michigan out of that game and have a better chance of having 2 teams in the playoff imo(which doesn't know much. Just mad about the current reality of this situation).


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I often do that with extras I have for games with no buyer interest in the secondary market.  If you itemize your taxes, the value of the deduction for the donation (at face value) is more than what the market will pay.  I usually try the local Boys and Girls Club or Big Brothers and Big Sisters.


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Have we figured out what outcome of this game - short of a sink-hole - best benefits our chances in the event of a Washington loss?  I can't decide.  We beat both, but murderated PSU, so you would figure that we want PSU to win.  At the same time, Wisconsin lost to both us and OSU, so they don't have much of a claim if they are left out, whereas PSU beat OSU, and it just doesn;t seem right to allow OSU to go while leaving them home.  Root Wisconsin?