BIG breakdown by Wisconsin SBNation site

Submitted by M Vader on October 11th, 2018 at 8:44 AM

I like to look at the sbnation sites of our opponents for each week to learn more about how outsiders are perceiving our team.  This week I came across Bucky's Fifth Quarter and really enjoyed their breakdown of the BIG so far.


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This is my first time trying to embed a url.  Hopefully it works.  If it doesn't could some one point out the correct way?



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Unfortunately you cannot edit OPs but for the future, click the chain icon that's third from the left of the row of icons (it's to the right of the Italics icon) and then paste in your URL. You can also provide some text with the link if you want it to be part of a sentence or just type "LINK" and then highlight that, click the chain icon and paste in your URL.

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Favorite eval:

Michigan State Spartans

S&P+ rank: 31st overall, 62nd offense, 24th defense, 37th special teams

Last week’s result: (L) vs. Northwestern, 29-19

Biggest strength: MSU’s defense held Northwestern to eight rushing yards. All game. Eight. That’s fewer than the amount of traffic violations for which L.J. Scott has been cited! AND THE SPARTANS STILL LOST BY DOUBLE DIGITS AT HOME!

Biggest weakness: Can someone take L.J. Scott’s keys away? That man isn’t qualified to drive a golf ball, let alone a motor vehicle.

The Maizer

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Also <oembed> is good for embedding content straight into your post; it's a super useful tool that is underutilized by users here. Works for things like twitter, youtube, gfycat, etc. Not so much for articles.

There's a pretty comprehensive list of sites that support oembed requests at this LINK. Scroll down to section 7.1 for the list.


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It was kind of them to link Ace's GoFundMe

Also, this comment about Urban Meyer's headache from last weekend had me laughing. Good Badgers. We can be friends.

I hope you have a headache for the rest of your life you slimy fuck


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I have always had respect for the Wisconsin program.  They did ironically call Michigan's style of football boring on gameday some years ago, but they tend to play clean, physical, hard hitting, (boring) football.