Big 10 Week One

Submitted by jamiemac on August 9th, 2010 at 3:05 PM

Are you ready for a world where a Sun Belt team is favored against a Big 10 club?

That's the reality of the day. Complete set of spreads for the opening weekend have been released. Here are the Big 10 games, some of which is old news as the 'bigger' games had lines realized weeks ago.

Minny +4 at MTSU....PLAY4BREW is an underdog against a Sun Belt team. Nice going.

OSU -29 vs Marshall

MSU -21 vs WMU

Wisco -19.5 at UNLV (lol, wisco at wisco. if it was only that easy)

NW -2.5 at this a trap? I thought NW might be favored by 6 or 7.

UM -3 vs UConn.....somebody in Vegas told me a few weeks ago, this had gone up to 4.5. Good to see when my Book released it was still -3. The Over/Under on the game is 53.5

PU +10 at ND.....I like this one a lot for some reason

Illini +13.5 vs Missou....up from 10 earlier in the summer. Nobody is betting the Illini

As for other lines across the nation:

Pitt +3 at Utah
Washington +3 at BYU
Oregon St +13 vs TCU (Dallas)
UNC +1.5 vs LSU (Atlanta)
Cincy -1.5 at Fresno
Maryland +6.5 at Navy
Boise -2.5 vs Va Tech (Washington)

Place your bets.