Big 10 (now 12) conference championship and TV

Submitted by funkywolve on June 15th, 2010 at 12:13 AM

Does Jim Delaney tell ABC/ESPN that they better make a really nice offer to televise the Big 10 championship game or else the Big Ten Network will be the one airing it live?

A little different topic too - there had been a lot of talk about possibly moving the Big Ten season back a week (adding a bye in there) so that the season ended the last week of November so there wasn't as much time off between bowl games (mainly the BCS championship should a big ten team make it) and the end of the season.  Since it's pretty hard (not impossible since Nebraska and OU did earlier this decade) to make the BCS title game without winning your conference championship game, do they leave things the way there are - regular season ends before Thanksgiving.  It gives the division champs 2 weeks to get ready, and if the winner plays in the BCS title game they'll have the same amount of time off as their opponent.



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... this game will be prime-time ABC, maybe ESPN.

You have to consider that with all the money being thrown at lesser conferences, when the Big Ten TV rights come up for renewal, it's going to be Katy-bar-the-door.  The current 12 teams, plus the Big Ten Network, gives massive leverage.

Nebraska was the best team that moved in the last week and the best one for the Big Ten right now.  

The money is so much better at this point for a strong 12 team conference than for a 16 conference with 4 weak sisters bolted on the ass end.  Particularly for a conference that believes in equal shares, which is the Big Ten.  UM and tOSU could probably have forced a better deal for themselves, but it's not the way the Big Ten rolls.

Hitting new markets (South or East) was always a secondary factor to the schools involved.  This round was all about Nebraska, Texas and Notre Dame.

All things taken into account, I think the Big Ten got the best one.  Texas is arrogant and greedy, Notre Dame just plain arrogant.

Next time some ND alum talks to you about their sweet deal with NBC, just remind them that Indiana makes more from the Big Ten's TV revenues than ND.



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I also thought that maybe someone was intentually typing inane responses to every post in an attempt to see how long it would take him to get to "X" number of points, as if to highlight the primary flaw of this point system.  And just for giggles, he also is intentionally spelling RR's last name with a Q to show that the mindless mob will upvote anything.  For his sake, I hope this is true.

This reminds me of the fable, The Emperor's New Clothes.  It's relieving that I'm not the only one who sees through this madness. 


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If the Big XII doesn't add 2 more teams to get a championship game. ESPN would probably just put the Big Ten in the timeslot the Big XII had for there championship game (8:00 PM on ABC)..


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I was wondering...why are we negging people who say it will be on ABC?  Don't we want it to be on primetime national television?  I'm confused, so please enlighten me.

EDIT: Ok, I've been answer my question?  I'm serious.  Don't know why we wouldn't want ABC...