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Submitted by Robbie Moore on December 4th, 2012 at 6:09 PM

I checked the Barry Alvarez coaching tree and unless Barry pulls a Bill Snyder and returns to the sidelines himself (not a totally absurd notion), I think we may see Brad Childress  on the Wisconsin sideline next year.

Out of left field I admit.



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Currently OC of the Seattle Seahawks, a four-year starter at Wisconsin at QB. A brief resume, lifted from Wikipedia:



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I don't know about that.  My extension of the trends of head coaching vacancies extends as long as my little finger, but it seems like a guy who has hopped around to a few different NFL jobs for over a decade is content there.   As far as I am concerned, Wisconsin is a "winnable" place, but for someone who has been working with the best of the beasts, I'm not sure how enticing it would be to him.

I know he has Wisky ties, but he is only 42.  I could see it more possible if he were 50+, but if he is working the NFL thing right now, I'm guessing he has more career-based motivation than to keep a B1G program on its feet.  

Again, I could be totally off base here, but that's my initial reaction.


Perkis-Size Me

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For the sake of the Pitt football team, I hope Chryst stays put. I don't know how much more coaching change those kids can take. It's already an incredibly unfair burden they've had to bear.

I'm sure Wisconsin will ask Chryst to come back, but if they do, he'd better think long and hard about that decision.

Victor Hale II

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Petrino would be the logical choice, what with Harley-Davidson HQ nearby in Milwaukee. He'd make a great spokesperson for them and could get a new hog if/when he crashes the one he currently owns. Not sure of the quality of UW interns, though. That's the wildcard here.

Wolverine Devotee

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B1G division realignments are coming one way or another. They can't possibly keep these now that wisconsin is going back to the irrelvelant program they were pre-Alvarez. 


Yost Division

Stagg Division










Penn State







swan flu

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Wisconsin will not shell out money for a coach due to the climate Madison these days. The most common comment I've heard regarding this situation is "good riddance, he was the highest paid public employee and made too much money".

There is a public opinion similar to UCLA where public employees should get paid zero dollars or as close to that number as possible. If Bevell is willing to make less than half the coaches in the big ten he could be it otherwise, I expect it to be a promotion from within. Or Alvarez. People are clamoring for him here in Wisconsin.


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A couple of decades ago WIsconsin hired a Notre Dame defensive coordinator who completely rebuilt the program.

Wisconsin obviously doesn't need a rebuild, and they don't need to rush the hire.

Bob Diaco should be their next head coach.


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RT : Paul Chryst on Wisconsin speculation: "I am committed to Pitt football program and the University of Pittsburgh"



I know Chryst could very well be coach speak and I'm sure Wisconsin is his dream job like Michigan was to Hoke, but I just get the feeling that he won't leave Pittsburgh after 1 year. 


I'm interested to see what Wisconsin does because I highly doubt they make a big hire or attemt to grab someone from outside the Alvarez coaching tree.


Mr Miggle

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If it's truly his dream job, I'd expect him to take itif offered. Who know's when he'll get another chance. It sucks to bail out on Pitt after only a year, but it's not the equivalent of Todd Graham going to ASU. 


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Mike Leach!!

Charlie Strong. Sure, he's probably going to wait for an SEC job, but I think many schools won't consider him.

Doeren has to be kicking himself.

Out of left field - bud foster the DC at VT?

And since people have mentioned how an ND defensive coordinator worked in the past - the job Bob Davie did with the tire-fire that Locksley created at New Mexico is impressive.


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Regardless of what is said you have to bet on PC. If he decides to ride the Pitt thing out, BA is honestly the next most likely. In fact, I think Alvarez coaches the Rose Bowl since everyone left underneath BB was pretty new considering the exodus of coaches to Pitt. Wisconsin will either have their guy by Thursday or it will truly be a field game and more dominos will have to fall as they aren't the top job remaining, IMO. I think Tennessee still holds that.