restive neb

December 13th, 2010 at 5:22 PM ^

the winning comment was from a guy who had read on twitter that the official word would be coming out at 4:20, and didn't realize the twitter had been a joke until after he posted it.


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If someone who has been following the BHGP board would summarize the rumors that have been floating around and post it here, I'm sure there are a lot of MGoPoints in it for you.



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Way too many rumors/jokes to even know where to begin to summarize.


My favorite:



Just got a sneak peek at the press release from an inside source

And the truth is far worse than we can imagine. Ferentz is falling on his sword and retiring. KOK has been tabbed as the new coach. Norm also stepping down due to health reasons, GERG Robinson is his replacement. KOK already has a new 10-year contract that will pay him $2M per year, with a $50M buyout, making him all but untouchable.


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I think it'd be fair to add an additional point (or two) for each "second chance" arrest, and maybe add a handful of points for each prison-to-practice.

It really is time for the MGoBlog community to put the Dantonio Cup in the spotlight!


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Per Spencer:


Bonus points are awarded for multiple team offenses. Upon the 4th team arrest, four bonus points are awarded. On the 5th team arrest, 5 bonus points are awarded. 6 points are awarded for the 6th team arrest and so on and so on... This only applies to separate incidences. 5 players arrested at the same party counts as one incident.


Edit: Oops, misread comments.  Leaving my fail up for the world to see.


But!  Per Spencer's rules, you can also add on style points at the moderator's discretion, so yeah, still supported.

Fuzzy Dunlop

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Based on absolutely nothing, and not having even read the rumors, here is my completely baseless surmise, derived from nothing other than speculation concerning "what's the worst thing that could be expected to take place in Iowa, of all places":

Crystal meth.


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and they're starting a new thread for the same topic.

Yet across the country, your average ignoramus fan thinks that RR is the one running the bad ship.


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When is this alleged press conference / press release actually occurring?  Has it happened?  You wouldn't know it via ESPN which is Favring all over itself right now.