BGSU post-safety freekick

Submitted by lhglrkwg on September 25th, 2010 at 4:55 PM

So today after we got the safety today to make it 30-14, bowling green proceeded to kickoff from their own 20 I think. however, I thought (or should I say ncaa football 05 taught me) that after a safety the kicking team had to punt it away. i looked on wikipedia and got this

Resuming play after a safety The various rules books prescribe different methods for resuming play after a safety. In the NFL, the team that gave up the points kicks to the other team from its own 20-yard line. This is termed a free kick: the kicking team has the option of employing a punt or a drop kick. Unlike the kickoff, a kicking tee may not be used (NFL only, college kickers have the option of using a tee on the safety kick). A punt is the most commonly chosen option, whereas a drop kick is virtually unheard-of in modern football.
so it looks like it says you can punt or drop kick it. why then did bowling green kickoff normally?



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If you read what you quoted you quoted you answer your own question.

"NFL only, college kickers have the option of using a tee on the safety kick"


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From that point on we outscored them 35-7 using mostly the second string on both sides of the ball. Bgsu might be terrible but that's still pretty solid.

Broken Brilliance

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so I believe they said over the PA that Bryan Wright (transfer from u-m) was the punter on the safety...doesnt anybody find that funny or ironic when that happened to him? now if only Boren can have an embarassing moment against a holding call on a touchdown run by pryor or something




Update: I want to retract my ill will towards Wright because i just read an article talking about how he didnt mean anything malicious by leaving the team and is only kicking for BG because hes going to grad school there....but still I hope Boren gets called for a dumb penalty or gets pantsed during the game or something along those lines