Is Beyonce an M fan?

Submitted by superstringer on September 9th, 2013 at 1:39 PM

I had no idea Beyonce was a fan of the program... and I still don't know.  She's from Texas; no particular reason she would have grown up rooting for us.

Did she do that video because she actually is a fan, or because someone told her our band was doing her songs on national television so she could get some free facetime, but in a more positive way than Eminem.

Is there a backstory here, anyone know?

And here I thought Madonna was our chief cheerleader in the music industry.  Hey tOSU, who you got?  Didn't think so.


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Actually YOU are wrong because no one in their right mind reads that as "em" when reading it. They read it as "Michigan," so yes, saying "an M fan" is incorrect. When you see "NC" for "national championship," I'm 100% sure you read it as "national championship," but go ahead and deny that to make me look wrong, but I know no one reads it literally as "NC" as opposed to "national championship."

Wolverines Dominate

September 9th, 2013 at 3:57 PM ^

I'm quite sure you don't. Brian uses "M" a lot in his posts. Don't even tell me you read his sentences like this (and this is just an example of course):

"M is going to need to stop the run in this game. Whenever the M defense allows more than 150 yards rushing, they're not performing well enough."

You're telling me you read that as "em?" I seriously doubt that.


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From behind the Rivals paysite, I think it was Doug Karsch's article that mentioned that Brandon was able to use his connection to Dominos eventually leading to the Nets bball team, Jay Z, etc to get to Beyonce.  NASCAR was mentioned as well somehow.


I've been around various UM circles enough (sorry can't be more specific here) to be pretty sure she was asked to come (as evidenced by her apology for not being able to make it) but it is not a pre-req for VIP celebs to be UM fans to be asked to help make appearances at some high profile events....


Don't ask me about some famous celebs who have turned us down..I'd violate some NDA :-)  



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I'm going to assume that our marketing people went to her, told her the band was doing a Beyonce-themed halftime deal, and she was nice enough to smile and say "Go Blue".


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The Destiny's Child song "Lose My Breath" samples the MMB drumline cadence that is used to march to the stadium and onto the field. When I was in band (despite not being on drumline) we always joked that Beyonce should "give us the money!"


Apparently Beyonce and Michelle Williams heard only the drums track and loved it, and signed on to make the song.

Anyhow, this may be the connection we're looking for, or it may be coincidence.

Relevant links here:

Lose My Breath:

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For my money, Beyonce loves M for giving her song such a wicked drum part.