Beyer and Hollowell, 4 stars and in Rivals 250

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They are releasing the rivals 250 today and two players are now ranked with their 4 stars - which means they are also in the 250 (which should be out any time now).

2 of 5 commits so far are four stars. The rest of the 4's come out tomorrow. So far the recruiting class is looking good - considering it's supposed to be a small one. (not that recruiting experts' opinions really mean much, it's just nice to pass the time with)


EDIT: Rivals 250 is here;

Brennen Beyer  is the No. 187 overall prospect and the No. 13 strongside defensive end in the country.

Delonte Hollowell is the No. 236 overall prospect and is the No. 15 cornerback in the country.



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Last year there were at least 340 players that were ranked 4* or above by rivals. The 340 doesn't include CBs because that rivals link is broken. Judging by prior year's lists, it's likely there were about 20 4* or better CBs in that class as well. Expect at least an additional 100 4*s to be named eventually.

EDIT: Also, there were:

  • 366 in 2009
  • 341 in 2008

Frank Drebin

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Notables include:

#117 Aundrey Walker

#156 Brandon Fulse

#206 Remound Wright

#216 Brett Hundley

I'm sure there are others, but this is what I noticed at first glance


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who haven't committed to someone else (101 to 250)


Demetrious Nicholson DB 4 stars 5'11" 167 list
#111 Dondi Kirby DB 4 stars 6'3" 180 list
#115 Zach Debell OL 4 stars 6'7" 265 list
#117 Aundrey Walker OL 4 stars 6'5" 355 list
#120 Nick Waisome DB 4 stars 5'10" 171 list
#137 Chevelle Buie RB 4 stars 5'7" 153 list
#139 Mickey Johnson DT 4 stars 6'1" 310 list
#141 Deion Barnes DE 4 stars 6'5" 220 list
#147 Charles Jackson DB 4 stars 5'11" 180 list
#152 Avery Walls DB 4 stars 5'11" 184 list
#156 Brandon Fulse TE 4 stars 6'4" 247 list
#157 Jordan Walsh OL 4 stars 6'3" 275 list
#159 Kyshoen Jarrett DB 4 stars 5'11" 182 list
#165 Ryan Shazier LB 4 stars 6'3" 205 list
#173 Darius Jennings ATH 4 stars 6'0" 180 list
#180 Brandon Phelps ATH 4 stars 6'0" 175 list
#185 Miles Shuler ATH 4 stars 5'11" 173 list
#187 Brennen Beyer DE 4 stars 6'4" 222 Michigan
#195 Anthony Chickillo DE 4 stars 6'3" 226 list
#216 Brett Hundley QB 4 stars 6'4" 210 list
#217 Melvin Gordon ATH 4 stars 6'0" 185 list
#229 Terrell Chestnut ATH 4 stars 5'11" 175 list
#236 Delonte Hollowell DB 4 stars 5'8" 162 Michigan
#250 Corey Marshall DE 4 stars 6'2" 239 list


Frank Drebin

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While looking over the list, I came across Raymon Taylor, ATH from Detroit. I haven't seen him mentioned on the board before. Anyone know anymore on this kid? Any top 250 player from our own backyard would seem to be a priority, but his offers are from the Cincy's, and IU's of the world. What's the deal with this kid, and if he is so highly regarded, why aren't we hearing more on him?


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In many other years, he would have been offered by now.  He's a pretty good talent, but we already have two cornerbacks and any others we take will/should be top-tier talents.  I don't think he's in that "top tier" level, but the guys at Rivals think he'll be offered before all is said and done.

He could play WR or CB, but I think we're looking at him as a CB prospect.


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...But there's been a ton on him.  I say that b/c you asked why there hasn't been more info. on the kid if he's rated so well.  Michigan is supposedly close to offering but have not done so yet.  They're looking at him for CB, but since we already have 2 committed we're holding out for now.


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I'm a little bit surprised by the inclusion of Hollowell.  I saw him as a high 3-star, not quite a top 250 guy.  But good for him.  He's done well at camps and such.


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Initially the first Rivals 250 is based mostly off of camp performances.  There are obviously exceptions to the rule, but there's not really a whole lot to go off of for most scouts before the players' senior seasons.  Hollowell has done pretty well at camps and has gotten exposure for himself so it's not a huge surprise that he's included.  I am fairly surprised, though, that Hakeem Flowers and Ja'juan Story weren't included.  Although I heard that Story had a poor showing at a recent camp, but still.

Edit: Furthermore, based off of the above, I haven't heard much of anything on Rock and camps.  I'm pretty sure when all is said and done, Rock will be ranked fairly highly.


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I think Rock has been overrated by some of the people on this board.  I still think the jury's out on what he can really do, because of his illness/injury and because the team he plays on has been stacked with other FBS-level talent.  His senior year should tell us a lot.


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That could be, but his offer list suggests 4-star, or at least close to it.  He has offers from, ND, Neb, Oregon, Pitt, WVU, Wisconsin, among other BCS offers.  There aren't a ton of very big names on there, but a defensive player with offers from ND, UM and Nebraska should be in the 4-star discussion.


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I asked Greg Gladky why Rock wasn't included. He mentioned the fact that Rock would show up big in some games, but disappear entirely in others. Then again, Gladly also mentioned Rock's lack of production (16 sacks?!?) so I'm taking his word with a grain of salt.


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Not that 15/16 sacks is anything to scoff at, but those stats were accrued over 14 or 15 games, I think.  Those sack numbers are impressive; but they should be digested with a dose of perspective.  He didn't get 16 sacks in a 9-game schedule.


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True, and if he played 14 or 15 games (which is probably high, since his team didn't make the finals) the last 4+ games were obviously against playoff calibur teams (and likely a number of the regular season games as well).  Throw in the illness and the fact that he played both ways (unlike many other top prospects), those numbers are pretty impressive.

It would be interesting if we could nail down exactly how many games he played last fall.  Anybody know this?


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Yep, that's 15 games.  I couldn't tell from that link, but was their loss to Mooney in the Finals?  Otherwise the state champ would play 16 games, and that's a lot for HS.  In MI they only play 14 if you make it all the way. 

It also looks like they played a number of good teams:  Mooney twice, Elder, Anderson, and Wyoming all stick out to me. 


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I'm not saying it's unimpressive.  I'm just saying that you have to look at things in context.  On the plus side, he racked up a lot of sacks for a good team while sick/injured.  On the minus side, he picked up a lot of sacks over the course of a lot of games and other teams left him unblocked quite often.

So . . . who knows?


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That may be true, but people said a lot of the same things about Boubacar Cissoko.

Overall, I'm not a big fan of 5'8" cornerbacks, no matter how aggressive they are.  There are exceptions, but ultimately, shorter cornerbacks struggle in too many different areas for me to be really high on most of them.

J. Lichty

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when he decided that a life of petty crime was more valuable than playing football.  Would a Cissoko with a better head on his shoulders have found more success?

I think the physical comparisons are fair, but Cissoko's problems were not for the most part physical.  A hard hitting midget corner if not a dominant physical presence can still be effective in coverage and in run support in the college game. 


June 2nd, 2010 at 8:19 PM ^

I agree with you, 5'8" cornerbacks aren't my cup of tea.  A growth spurt as a senior could really help to add weight and much needed height to help cover taller recievers.  

The kids a beast on the field, he knows how to use his body as a weapon.  I think if he doesn't grow more he could be a good candidate for a Stevie Brown role. (Bandit? I believe. Not too sure still of the terminology.)


EDIT: For those who haven't seen highlight film on Delonte...