Betting Line favors Sox over Tigers tonight

Submitted by StephenRKass on September 11th, 2012 at 5:51 PM

The betting line slightly favors the White Sox over the Tigers tonight, with Fister (8-8) scheduled to pitch versus Peavy (10-10.) Dunn is still out with a strained oblique.

I could see this going either way, but the mood in Chicago is to go for the kill by winning tonight.

Do the Tigers still have some fight, or are they dead men walking?



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Missed BISB's comments. But I am fine with this post vanishing into the ether. I thought that Detroit Pro Sports were always ok. So, if Detroit was in last place and it was between the Sox and Cleveland, I wouldn't have put this up.

EDIT:  I did see that. I thought referencing the betting line and the probability was slightly different from a snowflake thread.


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My understanding is that this is a University of Michigan sports blog, not a Detroit area or state of Michigan sports blog. Unless you're specifically discussing former U of M athletes, I believe all such posts should be limited and at least marked OT, especially during football season.  Please keep in mind that many (if not most) people who follow U of M Athletics are either not from the Detroit area and/or don't care about/root for Detroit's pro teams. 


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Do you seriously need a "OT" in front of "Betting line favors Sox over Tigers..." to know it is an OT thread?

Have you ever read "OT" without reading the rest of the title?

You're just trolling or trying to be some self-important internet tough guy.  If you don't want to read about the Tigers, just move along. Tigers game threads have been a staple on MGoBlog for years.


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Sox 5 Tigers 2. They have no fight and will Leylands lineups, no offense at the top of the order. This team is one of the hardest teams to root for I have ever seen. THey should be SO much better than this.


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offense at the bottom of the order right, because the Tigers 1-4 hitters have been among the most productive in the baseball. 5-9 production has been the  major problem all season.

As far as having no fight, what exactly are you basing that on? Baseball is not a physical contact sport, just because a team is struggling doesn't mean they  have given up


September 12th, 2012 at 6:03 AM ^

No, I mean the top of the lineup. We are in a penant chase and they simply aren't or bottom...I don't think the top of the lineup even put anyone in scoring position during the weekend for Cabrera to hit in if I recall right...from the Detroit news:

1. Austin Jackson — had an earlier 25-game stretch this year in which he hit .324 with five home runs and 24 RBIs.

In his last 25 games, he's hit .248 with no home runs and one RBI. No RBIs last 22 games.

2. Andy Dirks — hitting .184 in his last 10 games. Was hitting .349 on Aug. 9, but .250 since in 88 at-bats.

3. Miguel Cabrera — one RBI last seven road games, all of which the Tigers have lost.

4. Prince Fielder — two RBIs last 12 games. Both came on solo home runs.

5. Delmon Young — no RBIs last 20 at-bats (since not playing against Cleveland). Eight RBIs in 14 at-bats before that.

6. Brennan Boesch — hitting .182 in 15 games since he last was at the .250.

7. Jhonny Peralta — .188 and no runs scored last nine games, .212 on-base percentage in last nine.

8. Alex Avila — .136 in last 20 games as batting average has dropped from .267 to .243.

One run scored (on home run) in last 12.

9. Omar Infante — .194 batting average and .227 on-base percentage in last 21 games, as his batting average has dropped from .291 to .276.

From The Detroit News: 


In terms of them having no fight...this is a playoff chase and we can't scrap a series of wins against the Indians? Did you see their starting lineups when we played them? Swept by the Royals a few series ago...In baseball, you can scrap and will your team to wins...they aren't doing it


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Expect the worst, hope for the best. I don't think I've ever followed a more frustrating team in my sports watching career, that said I could easily see Fister toss a gem.


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The White Sox have been just about as painful this year to watch.  Get swept by the Royals, sweep the Yankees.  Sweep Cleveland, get swept by Tigers.  Up, down, up down.  I've really just been waiting for them to bottom out and collapse.  I truly hope it doesn't happen, but I'm not very optimistic that it won't.

Doc Brown

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Leyland lost me when he put Raburn #2 in the lineup, following a start in the six spot the previous night. Bunting over Q berry that night from first was icing on the cake, when he could have called for Q berry to steal second and then bunt him over to 3rd. 


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Scherzer and JV in the next two, and then hopefully we can talk some Tigers fans down off the ledge a little bit.  Hell, I'll need to get down from there myself.


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Is that our franchise pitcher lately has been our shortest chance at winning. He's pitched like hit lately, and not just to his standards, but he's even been worse than an average pitcher.