Best way to sell/trade tickets?

Submitted by go16blue on August 20th, 2011 at 5:04 PM

I recently got outdoor club seat tickets to the UM-WMU game (I was going to go with my dad). However, we only need some of them, and I prefer non-club seats. So, because these tickets are worth so much (about $250 each), we were planning on selling them so we could get pairs of tickets to the opener and the ND game. Needless to say, we are both very exited about the possibility of being able to se these games in person, something we wouldn't otherwise have been able to do.

So, what is the best way to go about doing this? My dad wanted to sell the club tickets to someone who buys and sells tickets for a living, or a website that does this. This way, we wouldn't have to worry about them not selling or something like that. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance for the advice.



August 20th, 2011 at 5:10 PM ^

Stubhub? I've had lots of success selling tickets on stubhub. Not for Michigan tickets but for other events. Also I've used eBay for selling and buying tickets. That's totally awesome that you could sell these and get tickets for the following week


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I guess you can go through stubhub, but I don't know . . . typically, through mgoblog, they would go to a good fan. The other thing, through mgoblog, you might be able to negotiate a swap of your tiks for the ones you desire.

Also, are you sure 4 tiks to Western are worth that much? Maybe, but it seems a bit steep for a game that is only a step up from a scrimmage.


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For Western for $250 each, but no one will be buying them for that much. No one is going to trade you Notre Dame tickets for Western tickets, unless the Western ticket gets you on the sidelines and you can call the first 5 plays. You may be able to buy at ND tickets at a discount from a broker by trading in those tix too, but 2 Western and 2 ND for 4 box Western? Not going to happen.


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you could try Big Time Worldwide in Southfield.

Your plan is going to be hard to pull off though.  The Western game isn't sold out or a big draw - granted they are club seats.  The most and only club seats for this game on Stub Hub is about $250 a seat and those are right behind section 2, in row 4.  If you're seats are better than that, you might be able to ask for more, but not much more for this game.

Your best bet might be trying to trade with the broker all four of those seats for 2 tix to the ND game.  With the demand for ND, that might be your best bet if you want the game.

Silly Goose

August 20th, 2011 at 6:02 PM ^

Those tickets aren't worth $1000. More like $400. You can't sell tickets against a cupcake for face value, just like you wouldn't sell tickets to ND/OSU for $85. I would probably buy 2 for $100, but asking $250 each is absurd, especially for tickets you got for free.


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Whoever uses MGoBlog to sell tix should give Brian some beveled guilt. Does anyone else agree?
<br>Also I too think those tickets are overpriced.


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I just had the best experience buying ND tickets from a fellow MGoMember. Awesome seats and for probably about $200 less than I would have paid through Stubhub. I'm forever grateful and it's thanks to MGoBlog. In addition to Beveled Guilt, I suggest all MGoMembers with extra tickets avoid the lure of a little extra cash (if possible) and make a fellow MGoMember's day - use the spreadsheet!


August 20th, 2011 at 11:12 PM ^

Stubhub and pay a fee or craigslist and deal in CASH.  Either way, check the market and take what you can get.  You either end up with extra or paying extra for the game you want.  The board spread sheet might give the chance of a trade but that is doubtful given your desire to get ND seats.  They will not be cheap.

Take the little bit of cash you can with stubhub and be grateful for the discount on your ND tickets.  They are truly a once in a lifetime Michigan opportunity.  Would that I could be there...


August 21st, 2011 at 9:02 AM ^

eBay, Stubhub, Craigslist and see if you have any takers at your price point.  If not, and you itemize your deductions, donate the tickets to a charity and take the tax deduction for the face value of the tickets (which would include the pro-rated seat donation fee in the value).