Best UM Recruiting Class Ever?

Submitted by BILG on June 4th, 2012 at 10:42 PM

Ok board, time for a little mental masturbation.  Who does Hoke need to land for this to be the best recruiting class ever...IE, since creepy adults started tracking the college interst of high school juniors and seniors on the internet.

Is this already the best class (yes, on paper before they ever play a game) in Michigan history?  Lloyd had a few top five classes, but Hoke is on track to pull in a top 3 class here. 

My sense is if we pull in McQuay, Green, and Treadwell we are a lock for #1 and it would surely be the top class I could remember.  To all who questioned the Hoke hire, how foolish we feel now.



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On paper, it very well could be (and only in the Rivals era as it's very difficult to assess 'hype' previous to that). I still think we would need 1-2 more elite end recruits to really solidify it over the 2003 class. That class, although small and thus ranked low (17 recruits), lead the nation in ave stars at 3.82. Additionally, it actually panned out pretty well. That class gave us Woodley, Burgess (#6 player in the nation!), Long, Crable, Hall, Mundy, Englemon, Kraus, and Rivas.


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I would say its the best since recruiting has gotten big (so since around 2003ish). However, its hard to say before that. We had some extremely good classes in the 90's.


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The potential close for this class is in a word TREMENDOUS.   Look at the players that have Michigan among their top schools:

- Alvin Bailey (Top 3)

- Tashawn Bower (Top 10)

- Kendall Fuller (Top 4)

- Derrick Green (Supposedly in line for a couple of visits)

- Cole Luke (Top 7)

- Leon McQuay (Top 3)

- Wyatt Teller (Top 3)

- LaQuon Treadwell (Top 3 or Top 7 depending on most recent interview)

- Jordan Wilkens (Top 3)

Take any combination of three guys from this list and I'd be happy.

Zone Left

June 4th, 2012 at 11:09 PM ^

If a couple of the three stars move up into four star territory, Morris gets his fifth star, the rest of the commits are top 250ish players, and Michigan lands one more five star, then it probably is Michigan's best class ever on paper. This seems reasonably likely given what I see on the board here.

As for "best class ever," we're probably not even close. The scenario described above is probably about average for Mack Brown's Texas, Nick Saban's Alabama, Pete Carroll's USC, or Urban Meyer's Florida.


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I'm more impressed with the character of this class than some of the Texas, Alabama, USC and Florida classes.  I seriously doubt this Michigan class will encounter some of the legal and academic issues that seem to have plagued several of the aforementioned.


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Just imagine if Shane keeps up the solid progression, and strong outings he's having at the camps, and lands the #1 PSQB, and to land Green and Treadwell? That's a Tebow, Harvin, James / Cooper. And look at the success that they had. This class has so much potential!

Perkis-Size Me

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I think if we pull in Treadwell, its a pretty safe bet we will be no lower than 2. If we land Green as well, I think #1 is a lock.

Regardless, we already have 14 4-star commits, as much as Alabama had in their 2012 class altogther. Granted, they also had 3 5-stars, but if we stopped recruiting right now, and assuming none of our guys decommitted, I think we'd be a lock for top 5, maybe even top 3.


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Top to bottom I think it is the best Michigan class at least in the past 15 years that I've been following recruiting... but it lacks some of the super elite skill players of the 97 class (Henson, Walker, Terrel, Fargas, etc) which was also ranked #1/#2 (with UCLA I believe). Tredwell/Green look to be that type of guys though.

As to best ever, not even close... some FSU/Miami/USC?Texas classes of past were just insane... like 5 5-stars, etc


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But let's not get too giddy just yet.

1) It is only June Forcristsakes!  This isn't even a class yet for 8 more months, an eternity considering we are discussing the whims and fancies of teenagers.

2) This is only on paper.  We really need to see what these guys can do on the field before ranking them as a class.

Hopefully this level of recruiting success becomes the norm and it will be splitting hairs trying to decide which year was the best.  It will be harder in coming years I would think, as the depth at all positions grows and the implied promise of early playing time fades.

Regardless, I am just so happy that Hoke and Co. put such a positive image of Michigan out there without giving even a hint of scandal.  


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You will have to wait first until NSD, then five years from now. Recruiting class success is measured after they graduate. Some recruits may be hype, some might flunk out, get in trouble, or transfer. Only one thing is certain, Those who stay will be Champions.


June 5th, 2012 at 12:10 AM ^

these kids are talented and kids Michigan needed. I think needs are very important and somewhat looked over but I think between what Michigan needed and the quality of these kids at those very needy spots makes this class already stand out to be one of the best IMO. Go Blue!!!!


June 5th, 2012 at 12:44 AM ^

A couple more at positions of need, like WR, SDE, RB, and CB would be nice. Don't think that Green is A 5 star but would be great. LT, Leon, a miracle SDE pull would put us n a very good position. The ranking are important for recruits to see, but don't really equate directly to success.

That said, If you look at our 2014 offer list, it's pretty sick. We are pursuing almost every top player. Cant knock Hoke and Co. for lack or ambition or success rates. Part of me wishes we played Bama three years from now.


June 5th, 2012 at 12:33 AM ^

Apologies for providing my opinion on this blog. I thought it was somewhat silly to base the question on the recruiting sites opinions rather than real results achieved on and off the field. Is it the best on paper, maybe. Does paper mean jack shit when we put on pads, hell no! If that was the case FSU and other teams should be dominating, but they're not.

Also the other part of my previous post and others included a small tid bit of waiting until NSD, when the ink is on the real paper that matters. LOIs. Until that happens, you don't know who has switched jerseys, gone back on promises, and who we pull off on day of. Lets all celebrate our recent success, but 2013 recruiting has a long way to go and at least 4 more spots for us to nail down.