Best thing you saw: Week 3

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I don't know about you, but I was fortunate to watch some incredible games and their respective finishes.

Non-Michigan discussion:

Fla-UT was a classic.  The other UT got jobbed in the Coliseum in their loss to a box of condoms.  Best catch of the day goes to 80 from Okla St. with a one-had juggler on a sideline go route.  I loved the fight in the Longhorns, and on the live watching, it sure looked to me that they were on the screwed side of every call in the last 5 minutes of the game.  Regardless, Fla-UT is the best thing I saw.  A meh game turned into a barn burner with a 0:00 prayer answered, and the best play of the day - a UT defender making up 5 yards and a bad angle to save a Fla TD at the .5 yard line.  What a finish.

Michigan division:

Win and advance?  Always great.  Maturing O? I thought Speight looked his best in the 4th quarter with some great throws to move chains late (though one was dropped).  Clutch kicks? We haz kicker. All that aside, I'm goin' with the other guys.  A team of young men, who within the next 4 years will all sign up to protect the freedoms we all enjoy, gave all they had on the field of play - against a team supposed to pummel them, a number of whom will play the game for a living someday.  God bless the Air Force Academy, and all service academies, for who they are, what they represent, and what they protect.  And dear Warde, may we never play one of them again.

What you got?



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Florida increasing the value of our season opener

Purdue increasing the quality of our win next week

PSU increasing the value of when we finally open up the playbook to kill 'em


I thought we took care of business, though it's plain that we're holding back on offense. And I don't think it's because "we've got young players." Still making mistakes, but if Harbaugh isn't concerned I won't be either.

Maybe the *best* Michigan thing I saw was Harbaugh straight shootin' after the game. He doesn't B.S. or make bad excuses. He flat out said that Air Force called better plays than he did, when he was in the Red Zone.


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DPJ is Michigan's highlight. Also a highlight: Seeing a hot take from the offense UFR comments so thoroughly refuted:

Early observation on DPJ: he does not have the explosivity of even a Peppers on punt returns. We are missing that explosive punt returner that Bo always seemed to have around. In fact, I would say DPJ seems a tad less explosive than a Mario Manningham. He can still be an outstanding player at Michigan, but I don't see a gamebreaker when I see him play. Hope my first impressions are wrong.

On the plus side his hope was born out.

Hair Raid Offense

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Non- Michigan: Seeing Nick Fitzgerald run over LSU in Starkeville was pretty fun. Florida ending was great too, especially with what they've been through the last few weeks down there.


Michigan: I really liked when Rashan Gary nearly manslaughtered Worthman and caused that fumble in the 3rd quarter.


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Fred Jackson's son, you your son but stronger and faster, Josh had a lights out game today against East Carolina. The Ann Arbor native went 24-31 with 372 yards and 5 TDs bringing his season stats to 55-85, 65%, 8 TDs and 0 interceptions. 22 carries for 115 yards and 1 TD.

This is his RS Freshmen season for the 3-0 Virginia Tech Hokies. As far as I know Michigan did not recruit him at all but it's hard to imagine this kid not loving the University of Michigan all the same. Good on you Josh, happy to see you play well. Fred is a good dude.

Here is a good pre-season read regarding Josh and it's full of Michigan related stuff due to obvious reasons.…


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Quinn is now 11 of 13, and looks nothing like a true Freshman, playing before huge crowds at JerryWorld and The Big House. DPJ had a breakout game of sorts, with 2 receptions to go along with his long punt return TD.

Goggles Paisano

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Dude was the best player I saw all day long.  He was outstanding.  Showed speed, vision, broke tackles, and caught the ball on his way to 237 rushing and receiving yards.  I can't remember what happened with his recruitment, but I don't think he was highly sought after by Michigan if I recall.  He can play though.  


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I'm pretty sure Michigan wanted Kelly. They weren't able to make up enough ground on Tennessee, though.

Aside: Whenever things start to look shaky (like now), the expectations of people related to that '15 class (a transitional one, like '11) get unreasonably high. They get salty because Harbaugh didn't reel in seven 4-star offensive linemen in a few weeks.


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Michigan: A win. Not pretty and not as big as my nerves would have liked, but it was a win. DPJ's return was the highlight, along with Gary and Winovich sandwiching the QB on a sack.

Non-Michigan: A realization that Michigan isn't alone on having issues. USC was supposed to stomp Texas, UF and UT weren't supposed to try to give each other the game on multiple occasions, etc. Michigan isn't Alabama yet, it was nice to see other teams have tougher days than what many believed. It reassured me in the process of college football.

USC and Texas was a better game in my opinion that Florida, but the finish of a game ending Hail Mary was quite something. As hard as it is to say, the emotion of a college athlete realizing they just won a game on a last second heave is pretty entertaining. Most of the game was boring, but that play is something to be remembered.