Best Thing about wearing M apparell

Submitted by jb5O4 on December 5th, 2010 at 10:28 PM
Today I was walking around Boulder, CO where I now live. I was wearing a Michigan jacket and I hear a Go Blue from behind me. A much older gentlemen had shown his school spirit. We got to talkng about our experience going to Michigan, him the Class of '54 me the class of '09. I found it amazing that whether you talk to a grad of long ago or a recent one, the story is the same. The feeling of going to your first Michigan game, studying in the law library when you're not a law student, walking across the diag, the smell on campus as fall arrives. I'll have to keep wearing my M gear to have more encounters like these.



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I love to wear Michigan apparel whenever I travel out of state. I always hear a "Go Blue".

I wasted a point downvoting. It's mediocre, douchebag.


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I think it's safe to assume that he is either an MSU or OSU fan.  If so, that means he can't even get "his" school's 11-1 record right, referring to it as "10-1."  I know it has already been mentioned, but his misspelling of "doush" is pretty creative.  If I was totally hammered, dropped out of a really crappy public school system, and had an IQ of about 80, I could easily see myself spelling douche that way. 

I know I'm "supposed" to either ignore or detest trolls, but this one thoroughly entertains me.  He somehow manages to simultaneously fit every negative stereotype I have ever seen of an MSU or OSU poster.  This renders him so ineffective in his mission that I just can't muster up any hatred or even dislike for him. 

Trolls who fail so badly in so many ways reaffirm my faith in why it is so much better to cheer for Michigan than for Sparty or Brutus.  Thank you, would-be troll.  You have brightened my day.

Feat of Clay

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Which is fine.  I can't imagine it would be great comfort, when I am plummeting to my death from a defective bridge, saying to myself "At least the guy who designed this won the county spelling bee in 5th grade!"  

I want my engineers good at math.


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By junior year of high school I realized if I wanted to have a shot at becoming and engineering, and go to a good engineering school I had to focus all my attention on math and science. My senior year I took English, and everything else was math and science. And I blew off my English class. I must apologize I'm not one of those engineering students thats good at everything. 


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Well. livingo in Mexico i have found  some friendly and nice people at bars, we always end up talking about Michigan season/recuiting etc and it have been very nice so far, of course i 've meet some tosu girls too, i've ended up arguing with them (friendy) trash talking and even got lucky with a pair =) of course i've tried to sway them away, anyhow, at the end at least i've known interesting people due to my M jerseys =)


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Back to the topic at hand, yes it is always good to wear Michigan gear when traveling.  You are bound to strike up a conversation with someone along the way.  It shows that we are EVERYWHERE and very proud.  

My car has plenty of Michigan flare on it that makes it fun to drive in Ohio (the speed limit or slightly below of course).  I am all about spreading the good word. GO BLUE!!


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I was in Disney world over Christmas break last year. Penn State, Wisconsin, and Iowa were all playing in bowl games in Florida, so I saw lots of gear for those teams. I kept track of how many shirts I saw from each school, and Michigan still had more. Win.


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about wearing M apperal is that the colors and the fit remind me of being raised by my hero (my dad and mom)!  family atmosphere!  i have been approached by M fans in Marrietta, oh!  Cleveland, tn! Denver, CO! Barcelona, Spain! some were just fans, some were alumni and all were appreciative that we had the same hope in our Big Blue!  Go Blue beat miss st.