Best Sugar Bowl Viewing Plans?

Submitted by michgoblue on January 3rd, 2012 at 4:29 PM

So, for those of us unlucky enough not to be at the game, what is everyone doing to watch the game? 

My plans:

I like watching the games from the comfort of my own home.  Bars don't always allow you to hear the game on full volume, and I like being master of the remote so that I can rewind and replay if I want.  (also, having young kids at home doesn't allow for going to a sports bar).  So, watching at home in the comfort of my couch on the newish big screen TV, with  my wife who loves Michigan football almost as much as me. 

Game day (night) meal:

My wife is making our favorite night game food - beef empenedas.  Basically, ground meat cooked in a ton of tomato sauce and spices, and the baked into small puff pastries.  Not only delicious, but perfect dinner to eat while watching the game on the couch.  Followed by some based chocolate dessert that she will not disclose to me, that she will inevitably adorn with Michigan-related decorations (for the OSU game, she made an ice cream cake and wrote out Beat Ohio in blue and yellow M & Ms).

So, on a relatively light news day that seems to be moving excruciatingly slowly as we get closer to tonight, anyone have any good plans to share?



January 3rd, 2012 at 6:40 PM ^

Damn. Can't figure out how to show the pic. She is UM class of 2000 and decked her big tv wall out with Fathead stickers, including the helmet. We also have M blankets. Fmr Captain Walter Smith "like"d it on Facebook. Alas..."pics or it didn't story bro!" I know.