Best stories of meeting UofM personalities

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In response to the car accident story from yesterday, I was wondering what good stories people have of meeting some of the schools big names. I was golfing at the U course one time and the group ahead of us was Bo, Lloyd, Brandstatter and an old player (don't remember his name, but he was in his 70's) The play was slow that day and I had a chance to talk with them at almost every hole. All I kept praying for was a hole in one so I could have those three sign my card as witnesses. Note: all three were pretty big hitters, and the funniest moment was when Brandstatter was talking during Bo's drive and he yelled at him, "Damn it Jim, your mouth is as big as your ass!" I laughed for two holes.



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I think I got the most out of his love of what he was teaching. Plus, he spoke six languages and wore jackets with patches on the elbows. I am not sure if he smokes a pipe or not, but that would just about define what a college professor should be. I took a seminar course on Primo Levi with him that was the highlight of my career there.


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Oh yeah, one of my roommates smoked up Mario all of freshman year. Sorry about that draft pick.

And Ryan mallett broke my friend's bong.

I'm happy I have such positive stories to share with the kids.


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Lloyd Carr was the keynote speaker at my Senior Athletic Banquet. This was in the spring before the National Championship season. I got an autograph from Derek Alexander and Jarrod Bunch outside the practice facility.


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freshman David Terrell was 'romantically involved' with a girl who lived next to my girlfriend in Rumsey house. He would like to yell "WHO HAS THE BOMB-ASS DICK" at her really loudly while the were engaged in carnal activities, to which she would reply "DAVID TERRELL HAS THE BOMB ASS DICK!!!"

Moral of the story, David Terrell has the bomb-ass dick (apparently).


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I have to imagine everyone has heard this story bc David Terrell must have always done this with every girl.

I don't remember who, but a SC anchor paraphrased this on air (replacing dick with something like catch or game or something).


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I have definitely heard this story before. We probably know some of the same people. Either that, or he yelled that at a lot of girls and a lot of girls answered him that way. I'm guessing it's the latter.

Not my story, but my buddy claims he had a Spanish class with Victor Hobson and Cato June. One day the teacher was calling on Hobson, and June apparently says "Senora [pronounced with a hard n]. Vic ain't programmed to speak." Then I guess the teacher called on someone else.

I always cracked up at that story.


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Eight or nine years ago Banfield's Westside hosted the "Red Berenson Show" broadcast on WTKA during the season, and I was there one night with a friend during a broadcast. As I was on my way out, I stopped by the booth that Red was sitting in to say hello and congratulate him on how the season was going. Red didn't know me from adam and he was giving a pleasant but understandably perfunctory response until I mentioned to him that his new son-in-law was one of my co-workers. Immediately, I felt the universe contract to the point where it was just the two of us. His cold blue eyes bored into mine like lasers as he asked me questions about his little girl's new husband. I could tell instantly that Red would detect, without any effort at all, the tiniest amount of bullshit in my response. The guy would make an absolutely frightening prosecutor.


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When you have kids, their maturing is going to make you feel old, but it was also weird to realize that for the first time in my life I'm now older than Michigan's head football coach. For Michigan, that's a good thing. It's amazing to realize that when Bo came to Michigan he was only 39. I think he looked about 50, though. Must've been the effect of his bad ticker.


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my friends and I played a lot of beach volleyball at Elbel field. Now and then one of the basketball players, usually Travis Conlan or Maurice Taylor (I think, it's been a while) would show up and block every freaking serve.

A decade before that my aunt was in the same scene with a lot of M football and basketball players, and occasionally she'd bring them back to our house to hang out, so I got to meet Greg McMurtry, Vada Murray, and Terry Mills. All of them nice guys, and very patient with an overly excited 9 year old me.


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As I crossed observatory (the road that runs up towards the dorms), being it was the middle of February and freezing, I planned to sprint to my house, which was only a few blocks away. As I crossed the street, a car appeared out of nowhere only to come to a sreeching halt.

All I remember is the loud noise of the tires and thinking "this is going to hurt".

As I finally came to my senses and realized I was not even touched, I noticed I was at most three inches from being ran over by a brand new Bentley.

As the car passed by, the window rolled down and as he flew by me, Braylon stuck his head out to yell "Sorry".

Part of me wishes he would have hit me. Free season tickets for life.


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Met Ryan Mallett at a bookstore his freshman year. I was with my wife and 2 sons. Ryan was very nice a threw some with my oldest and signed a couple Michigan Footballs. Wonder how much those will be worth if he has a great career at Arkansas and in the NFL?

Tim Waymen

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That was very nice of him to do that, but around other students he was a real prick. He picked fights and was just downright obnoxious. A cousin who is still at UM told me about him trying to start fights at frat houses. I once met him at Skeeps and he was a jerk and got all up in mah grill because I was hitting on a girl who turned to be his girlfriend. I mean seriously? What is this, high school in the 1980s?

I also heard that his teammates couldn't stand him. But, I suppose he has a nice part to him that is good with kids, so I can't fault him for that.


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During the drive, I learned that one of the brothers, Francis "Whitey", lived about 6 blocks from me in Toledo, down the street from friends of mine. I can't remember whether it was Alvin or Albert that picked me up, whichever one lived in Northville at the time.


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i had a sociology class with tom brady. didn't really ever talk to him, which is good, because in that relatively information obscured time, i thought he was drew henson at first.

i saw jeff backus at the potbelly's in northville. i had heard he was born in midland (as was i) so i had to ask him. turns out he's a really nice guy. when he left he actually approached me and told me it was nice to meet me. i wish he were doing better in the nfl...


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I grew up in Saline, which was (and still is) home to lots of the coaching staff. LLoyd and Stan Parrish lived down the street (kind of far down the street), but I did see Lloyd out walking his dog a couple of times. Very much kept to himself, neighbors said. He has since moved to Barton Hills. I graduated with one of Stan's kid - extremely nice. And because of those connections, Lloyd was the speaker at my brother's high school graduation ('97), and Bo was the speaker at mine ('00). Score! Also, RR lives in Saline and my dad has seen him at the hardware store getting out of a 'sclade, and I recognized Calvin Magee's house in one of the countdown to kickoff videos as backing up to the golf course I was a greenskeeper at. I definitely had more contact with UM football growing up in Saline than I did in actually attending college at UM. Wow, recounting all of these at once really makes me feel like a creeper...


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I've worked at the Union for five years now (I'm done in September). I was an Event Manager for Catering and I'm the current Student Manager in the Billiards Room. I've met a number of various campus celebrities through these jobs.

I've served President Coleman almost every time she dropped in while I was there (enough to know that she prefers decaf with her dessert). At one point she recognized me, that was pretty sweet. I've served, chatted, and shook hands with Coach Carr, Coach Rodriguez (and his entire staff, actually), Coach Berenson, Coach Amaker, and Coach Belein. Football held recruiting dinners there. Incoming athletes were treated to barbecue chicken, corn on the cob, hot dogs, grits, and a host of other foods. They were ravenous eaters, we usually ran out of food on those nights.

I worked directly with Tyler Ecker and Brian Thompson. I once had a groom come up to me and ask "Is that Tyler Ecker...?" When I replied in the positive, he got super-excited ("OMG Tyler Ecker is working my wedding!!!"). It was cute. We'd walk to class together sometimes - I'm a solid 5'9", 130lbs, so it was quite the dichotomy in physical appearances.

I worked alongside Amadou Ba and Graham Brown - they worked in the U-Club (Catering/U-Club share the same kitchen). Holy effing crap they're tall.

My super-senior year, I lived with a group of wrestlers. I didn't know who they were when I went into the deal (I was a late leasee), but I found out later. Steven Luke & Eric Tannenbaum.

I met Vlad the Impaler after the Spring Game, he came into the Billiards Room to shoot pool. I'd say he should work on his shot, but honestly, he has plenty else (football & academics) to worry about.

there's more but this is getting long


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I was walking down the street in Reykjavik in early July when I see a familiar face walking towards me. It was Dhani Jones filming his Dhani Tackles the Globe show for the Travel Channel. We talked a bit and he invited me to the strongman competition in which he was participating. The episode will air this fall. I'm in the background. You can recognize me because I'm the only non-blond (other than Dhani) in the episode. BTW, I won't mention who wins the competition but will only say that it was very close.


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Brent Petway came to one of my house's parties. I chatted briefly with him and thanked him for stopping by. Then I had to ask him to move his Escalade, parked halfway up our shared driveway, because the neighbors were threatening to tow it.


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was on the football team here and was friends with Chad Henne, so I've met him on a couple of occasions, but the first time was the most humorous. I was at a party at another friend's house when by happenstance I see my football playing friend at that party. He had not yet met my girlfriend, so I went over to say hi and introduce my girlfriend and what not. We do introductions, and my friend introduces me to his friends, all of whom were on the football team, with the only notable one being Chad Henne.

All the rest of the guys were linemen, so Henne just looked like some scrawny little guy wearing a hat and I didn't recognize him. The introductions were given in a loud kitchen (it was party after all) and I mis-heard my buddy say, "Chad" and somehow I heard "Travis." So Chad Henne shakes my hand and I say, "Hi, Travis." Luckily for me I don't think he heard me because he didn't seem surprised or say anything.

As soon as the guys went to get some beer, my girlfriend grabs me and says, "you dumbass, I think that was Chad Henne." And I, being a dumbass, start arguing, "no sweetie, his name is 'Travis'." Finally I went up to my friend and asked him to tell me "Travis's" name again and he says, "It's Chad, like Chad Henne. That's him." And I realized I was retarded.

My girlfriend still makes fun of me for this to this day, while I still jokingly refer to Henne as "my good buddy, 'Travis.'"

Tim Waymen

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I did a project in English 125 with Brandon Englemon. Really nice guy. I also had a class with Lamarr Woodley, a really great guy. My friends were hanging out with him one night but I had studying/work to do. As some of you might know, I'm a big fan of his. He's just a class act.

a non emu

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Well, sorta interesting story I guess.

My parents and sister had flown over from India for my graduation and I was taking them sightseeing around the country. We were in San Francisco and at the Golden Gate bridge taking in the sights, when a group of girls look at me and start yelling Go Blue on seeing the M sweatshirt I was rocking. Turns out it is the women's water polo team there for a game. I end up getting hugs and taking pictures with the entire team in front of the Golden Gate bridge!

We walk away, and my sister goes, "So this is why you walk around in that stupid sweatshirt of yours all the bloody time." Have to admit, a group of girls have never been more excited to see me. :P