Best place to tailgate Saturday?

Submitted by NFG on November 14th, 2013 at 9:57 PM

Going to the game Saturday, and looking forward to yelling my favorite "Little Giants" quote, "THEY GAINED A YARD!", during the game, if Michigan does in fact run for positive yards. This being my first trip to Evanston I am not sure where to park/tailgate. Anyone have some helpful input on where to park, tailgate and/or visit around the stadium or campus?



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Evanston is more of a bar/restaurant kind of town. Nevins is the old standby - it's in downtown Evanston, and not walking distance to the stadium, but you can hop the L at Dempster for an easy ride to Central Street and the stadium. There's a new place called World of Beer, also in downtown. Haven't been there, but they have beer and TV's. Also, Prairie Moon and Firehouse are two other ok places to grab a bite and a beer and watch games. They're all going to be pretty mellow, I would imagine. There's a lot of tailgating in the parking lot outside of the stadium. 

As for places to eat, I recommend Union Pizzeria on Chicago Ave, and Edzo's for burgers. Edzo's closes at 4, so go for lunch. It gets very crowded on Saturdays. 

Bando Calrissian

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I'm a big fan of Bat 17 right over by the Davis stop, just follow the east side of the tracks north on Benson about a half block past Church. There's also a Bar Louie out in that gap between Dempster and Davis. World of Beer might be your best bet, lots of room and a good beer selection, though absurdly generic. Yet for Evanston, that's kind of par for the course.

If you're willing to go a little off the beaten path and you're taking the Purple Line up to the game anyway, there's a sort of great little hole-in-the-wall bar right off the Main stop. Follow Main east and it's on that first block past Chicago Ave. on the side of the street opposite from the Starbucks. Could be a good place to dodge the crowd and get a good buzz on if the Firehouse is full.


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The Northwestern campus lots are open about a mile away from the stadium and are free during the weekends (…). There is a shuttle, or you could walk. Most of the closer parking (of which there is not much) is for season ticket holders only, so this is where most of the away fans park. There is where I will be with a group Saturday. As others have said, none of the bars are that special (prohibition started here, so not exactly a history of drinking in Evanston). 

Yinka Double Dare

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Prairie Moon is a good beer bar in Evanston. Theres also World of Beer which is a little more sports bar-y but I think pricier. Or screw tailgating and drinking and go have a burger and shake at Edzos.


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The last time I was in the Chicago area, I went to the Lincoln Park location and had the Portabello Mushroom Burger and the Taylor Street fries, as I believe they were called. That was a phenomenal meal. 


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Came up from Georgia for the game; this is my first @NW experience. Ticket prices on Stubhub seem pretty high, perhaps a remnant of when this matchup had some preseason hype, so I'm gonna take my chances and try to get tickets day of. Does anyone have advice in terms of whether I'd be better served scoping out the areas closer to the stadium, or do you think I'd have any luck in Evanston proper. Thanks.


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Tickets available to the "Legends Division" championship game in Lincoln pitting NE against the might Spartans starting at $23.

Tickets to just another B1G matchup on BTN pitting lowly Northwestern who is winless in conference against a negatively trending Michigan squad start at $75. 

Grasping at straws I know but I hate State and the notion that they are anything besides a mid tier B1G school capitalizing on a few years of a down Michigan and a poor B1G. 


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For those looking to tailgate at a bar in Evanston -- I am hosting an open bar fundraiser at the Bar Louie in Evanston at 1520 Sherman Ave from 12-2pm. Only $30 for unlimited drinks.


I run a philanthropic venture called Cause & Affect focused on creating events in Chicago to bring young professionals together around awesome community causes, networking, etc.


Being a Michigan grad, the UM-NU game was a slam dunk for an event this year (also did this in 2011). In addition to the open bar tailgate, we have 100 tickets in sec 119 (in 2011, we had 200...smh Purple Pricing!)


Wristbands are sold at the door. Includes unlimited well drinks, beer, and wine for 2 hours. I also have a trolley organized to everyone from the bar to Ryan Field. We will have a predominantly Michigan crowd of 75-150 guests. Again, having done it in 2011, it was absolutely awesome to take over Evanston and see Maize & Blue all over the bar. 

If you do not want to do the open bar (DD, pregnant, have children coming), you can still come! Drinks and food are also being sold a la carte. Just come and have fun with Michigan fans!


$5 from every wristband sold will go towards a scholarship to a student at Muchin College Prep (1 N. State Street) that will be heading to a B1G university next fall -- of course, the goal is to support a future wolverine, but given we are in November, we are waiting for their students to hear back from admissions boards before guaranteeing the university. 


Feel free to call/text me at 630-992-1851 with any questions. 

Thanks and Go Blue!


Disclaimer: This is not at all meant to be a "business" soliciation. As shared above, I wanted to share a really cool, unique community cause that directly ties into football tailgating inquiry, as well as provide everyone an awesome tailgate option (indoors!) to be with other Michigan fans!


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Haven't been there in a few years, but Evanston was one of our favorite road trips.  We we used to tailgate at/near their IM fields (or some sort of athletic field complex).

Great place overlooking the lake and the skyline downtown.