Best place to buy and sell tickets?

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A non apparel related thread seems to be unwelcomed around these parts lately, but here goes. Im a newly minted season ticket holder and will only be able to make it to two or three games this fall. I've looked into selling the tickets to the remaining games on stubhub, craigslist, the mgoblog spreadsheet, and mgoblog/tiqIQ site. 

Which methods do you all have experience with and which are the best and worst? I like the idea of craigslist and the spreadsheet because theres no middle man. The seller makes a little bit more and the buyer save a little bit vs stubhub. On the otherhand you have very little protection with craigslist, not sure about the mgoblog spreadsheet. Stubhub also has a pretty cool feature that allows you to see what the tickets have sold for. 

One more question, can you trade tickets on the mgoblog ticket spreadsheet?





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I wish there was an mgoblog when I was in Ann Arbor.  The spreadsheet sounds like a much better option.  However, if you are friendly and enjoy being around a bunch of people getting drunk, I still think you can always find a ticket in any of the popular bars within walking distance.  

People at bars are drinking.  They are more likely to part with tickets for a reasonable price.  Also, obvious scalpers usually aren't welcome and can't create an inflated market.  Once I discovered this trick I could get a ticket for around face the day of any game and never got shut out. 

Just be sure to buy a drink first to ensure that you don't "wear out your welcome."

Go Blue Eyes

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This won't happen again but last year's Maryland game had seats in section 23 going for $37.00 each.  That was less than 1/2 the value of the PSL! 

As for tickets I only buy off of StubHub or people I know.  With the greater demand this year you can bet there will be some people trying to resell tickets that have their codes no longer valid.  With StubHub that is guaranteed not to happen.


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I have sold tickets on stubhub before, and found it very easy to do, as you just have to upload the tickets via PDF and not worry about any shipping.  Only downfall is stubhub takes a 10% fee for the buyer and a 15% for the seller.  Kind of unfair double dipping.  For example, if you list a ticket for $100, the buyer will buy it for $110.  When you get your $100 back, stubhub takes 15% of that, so you only get $85.


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Michigan does not get many away game tickets.  Some were given to very high victors club members.  The rest the Univeristy decided to sell as a package through alumni association and make some money.  Disappointing to those of us that go to most away games and are left probably several times face value. 


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site I trust because they have some form of verification of authenticity. I can only say to avoid craigslist at all cost wrt tickets. Just don't do it. I actually trust stubhub more than face to face scalpers now as in the speed of the transaction it's often very hard to spot a good fake. If I can't get a ticket from the source it's stubhub or I don't go.


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Seatgeek is a better version of stubhub. It's also fully verified and e-delivered, but it pulls from a variety of ticket sources to get the best prices. They also use an algorithm to get a "deal score" to judge how the price compares to what it should be.

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rob f

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is probably the best one to answer that question about selling your Chairback seats  I believe he works in the athletic ticket department).  There was thread similar to this one a few months ago (I'll see if I can find it) in which he answered several questions regarding open market buying-and-selling of Michigan Football tickets.

I might be interested in buying a pair or more (depending upon what you have available) of your seats (or, for that matter, anyone else's premium seats) for a game sometime this season.  We have our own block of 6 season tickets in the North End Zone season (been there since 1980 and have no intention of ever giving those up) but I've always been interested in taking in a game at Michigan Stadium from premium seats if the opportunity arose. 

As my bunch is still sorting thru who is needing how many tickets to each game this fall, I wouldn't know quite yet if and when I'd be able to take atvantage of any opportunity to purchase anyone's Chairback or Club seats, but please keep me in mind.


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I will definitely have several games available. Seats are near top of bowl around 25yd line. Great line of sight for the game - similar to TV actually. I already know of specific games I'm not going to - if you have anything in mind let me know and we can find a way to get in touch.

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I plan to go to Minnesota for the night game. Where will the away fans be seated? I will probably get tickets of stubhub. Anyone know what to do in Minneapolis and where to tailgate?


June 30th, 2015 at 7:32 AM ^

has very little tailgating spaces near the stadium.  Downtown hotels are 2 to 3 miles away with plenty of bars and restaurants. Light rail now has a stop by stadium so you can use light rail to go to and from airport and stadium if you don't want to rent a car.


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I buy tickets on stubhub every year. Guaranteed not to get fake tix and allows me to see what's available based on location. As a buyer it's the best site I've found. Not sure as a seller, but others must like it as there are always thousands of tickets available.

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Anyone want to trade Michigan tickets for the Detroit Lions game on October 3?

I have Michigan season tickets so everything is available except for the MSU, OSU, and home opener.

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I always had pretty good luck with eBay, both buying and selling.
If you're buying, wait to bid until the last few seconds of the auction. That's called sniping the bid.

South TX MFan

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I use StubHub all the time. I once found really good seats on Texans tickets for a great price. StubHub emailed me saying they couldn't contact the seller and was giving them X amount of time to respond. They didn't so StubHub honored the deal and got me even better seats for the same price. That was the only time I ever had a problem and it got resolved quickly.

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June 30th, 2015 at 12:31 PM ^

How dangerous is it to buy tix from a scalper on gameday?

I understand how Stubhub works, but what prevents a scalper from selling an e-ticket (using barcode) on Stubhub and then taking the actual ticket and scalping it outside the Union?

And if that happens who is out of luck?  Does the person who enters the stadium first get in? Or is the original ticket immediately invalidated because it was uploaded and sold on Stubhub?

I have not had to buy from a scalper in years (thankfully), but I've always wondered how this works.