Best NYC bar to watch Michigan Football

Submitted by michgoblue on August 30th, 2011 at 11:01 PM

I know, this topic has been covered in the past.  Did the search bar thing.  But, the last real discussion was in 2009, and bars open and close all the time.  So, recommendations for the best NYC bar to watch M football this season?

Thanks, in advance.



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I think someone should organize a verification process to get a "MGoBlog Certified" viewing location in each of the major cities across the country.  Maybe many of them will be the same Alumni Association supported places, but some of them may be different locations (especially in big cities like NYC, LA, etc.). 

It'd be cool to have a place where everybody know your username.  And they're always glad you came.  We want to be where everybody knows your username.  Da da da da dum dum.




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For instance, it might have the only place in Conn. to watch a game with UofM fans. But maybe there is another that isnt officially registered.

For instance, Duffy's in Chicago is the longstanding Michigan bar in Chicago. Yet, Rockit has part Michigan ownership, and so they have cornered the Alumi Association. NOT saying this is a bad thing. But I would rather be at Duffy's than Rockit.

So this is more of a pay to play list in some respects.


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Professor Thoms and Brother Jimmys are the two official ones from last year, and there is now a new one in Brooklyn for this year as well.  So those are your 3 options.  I'm sure with a decent group you could get any bar to put the game on.  And there may be 1 or 2 others out there.  Brother Jimmys has a ton of TVs so you can see the game from any seat, but it gets mobbed, especially for big games.  Never done Professor Thoms, but I'm gonna check out the new bar in DUMBO on Saturday to see how it compares.


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Professor Thoms was pretty sweet. I was there last year for Notre Dame and it was a great atmosphere. SUPER crowded but fun. It had kind of a frat party feel but it was still good.

i can't get the embed to work, but here's a video of denard's game winning td from last year from inside prof thoms:

Flying Dutchman

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Not because it's a decent place to watch a game... I don't think they even have TV's.

But because 6 weeks ago some guy in there was convinced I was Drew Henson.  There is the slightest resemblance.


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Professor Thoms is a good option and normally has representatives from the Alumni Association.  It is normally pretty crowed though, so go early if you want a seat.  If you are in Murray Hill then 3rd and Long and "The Hill" also have a pretty strong Michigan contingent


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To be honest, I think it would be great to get a database together with places to watch Michigan games, or even Big Ten games in general on occasion.  I'm in Tennessee and it can be difficult to 1) find a bar with Big Ten Network, 2) get a staff member to turn on Big Ten football, and 3) deal with SEC fan for 3 hours on a Saturday. 

Having the ability to check in advance for a watch party for fans of similar tastes would be amazing.  I cannot imagine that I'm the only one with this problem on occasion...and with the great minds (mostly) on this site, I'm sure it could be put together for all to benefit.  With some of the work that goes in to some posts on MGoBlog I'm guessing that someone can put a map together even...but that guy would not be me!  Being from the mitten and transplanted here I'd love to watch with other Michigan fans.

Just my .02 however.

4 days...GO BLUE!


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Professor Thom's has been a Michigan bar for a while.  It will be only Michigan fans, it will get backed with younger people, it will be loud, the sight lines to TVs aren't great.

Brother Jimmy's in Union Sq is newer for a Michigan Bar (newer in geenral).  It will also cater to other groups, so not 100% Michigan; it has better HD TVs; also will be crowded, but not just with Michigan people.

On the rare occassion when I have to watch a Michigan game at a bar (basketball; football is always on in HD at home), I go to The FOrum on 4th Ave and 12th St.  It is an unofficial Michigan bar but draws a decent number of Michigan people.  They have some well-placed HD TVs and will have volume for the Michigan game.  It;s not as much of a scene as the other two which I prefer, but you may not.

I don;t know of the new place on Front St in Brooklyn.  Could be promising.

I've gone to The Hill and to some place on 53rd St befrore and I found both lacking.

Good luck.



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is the Brooklyn bar on Front St.  I dropped in last Friday to scout out the place, get to know the bartender/waitresses, etc.  All in all, good spot with good food and beer selection.  The staff is very friendly, and there seems to be plenty of TV's up front - my only concern is the size of the place.  Not sure it could hold anywhere near the Bro Jimmy's or Prof Thom's crowds....


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I recommend Professor Thoms if you're looking for a younger crowd (think recent grads) - it reminded me of Skeeps NYC when I watched the Gator Bowl there this year (which may be a good or a bad thing depending on what you're looking for).


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Yes, I will be stuck at Chuck E Cheese for a Birthday party Saturday. I believe I can get ESPN3 on my mobile????

Or I could be that guy and have the TV switched from Chuck E and his pals to ESPN2.


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IN reading your post, there are two possible situations that you are dealing with:

1.  Not your kid - child of friend, family member, your kid's friends, etc.  - dude, it's the opener - I would skip.

2.  Your own kid - if this is the case, then you have to go, but seriously, poor planning on your part.  When my wife and I decided to have a kid, we avoided getting pregnant during the months that would result in a birth during the CFB season just to avoid these types of situations  True story.


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outside of the mfriendly bars, if there are enoguh people what about organizing an official mgoblog NYC watch party at one of the afformentioned establishements? i would be all for this.