Best nicknames in University of Michigan sports history

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Inspired by this thread.  So what do you think are the best nicknames in U-M sports history?  What are some of the ones you grew up with?  What were the worst/lamest? Any and all sports, of course.  

Obviously, we have nicknames like Shoelace (awesome), Tractor (RIP), and the Butterfly (ugh).  Graham Brown was known as Moose.  I remember whenever Jerod Ward scored, they'd put up the "Hot Rod" graphic in Crisler.  

This is also an education in Michigan sports history for me, as I was pretty much clueless about it until I started attending U-M in the mid-90s.  Before that, I was all about the Georgia Bulldogs and Atlanta pro sports, having been born and raised in the ATL.



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There you go.  No one was more electrifying that AC (with the possible exception of Denard).  I am especially fond of Anthony Carter because he was there my four undergrad years.  His 90+ yard punt return against Northwestern in the first game of the year had us all wondering "who is this guy?"


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 Bob was totally beside himself that day.  He also came up with "King Carter" and said "he took off like a penguin with hot herring in his cumberbun".  Best of all was his thought regarding M not attempting the extra point:  "Who cares?  Who gives a damn?"  Not what you usually expected in a college broadcast at that time, but, well, who gave a damn?


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Don't know if it's a nickname, but I always liked yelling out "SIR CHARLES" during Woodson's days at Michigan, always seemed fitting of someone who was a cut above the rest.


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Graham Brown's real nickname (used by teammates/friends) was "Hambone."  For some reason, the Maize Rage ignored it and stuck the less-original "Moose" on him (which he didn't like).


Antoine "the Judge" Joubert

Rumeal "Meal Time" Robinson  

And of course, Elroy "Crazylegs" Hirsch.


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I just came up with that.  I think it will stick because Denard Robinson, our current quarterback, actually does not tie his shoe laces.  Instead, he uses velcro, and I though that Denard "Velcro" Robinson didn't sound that cool.

What do you guys think?


EDIT: I just read the entire OP...guh


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but here are  a few ottomh:

The Guts and Glue of the Maize and Blue - Rick Leach

The Whirling Divirsh - Gordie Bell

Bo - Glenn E. Schembechler

AC - Carter

Dennis the Menace - Dennis Franklin

The Judge - Antoine Joubert

Captain Comeback - Jim Harbaugh - I think this name comes more from his NFL days than his Michigan career.

Fritz Crisler - Herbert O. Crisler

Hurryup - Fielding H Yost



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Thanks for these.  I knew that I was forgetting some Uferisms that had to be the best nicknames.  I always loved "The Guts and Glue of the Maize and Blue" for Rick Leach.  Hurryup Yost is, of course, classic.

We could also add to that the nickname for Yost's first couple of teams:  The Point-a-Minute Teams.

I do think that "Bo" has to be number 1 on this list.


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I want an All-American DT that dominates the interior line. I think he should be called "The Dreadnought", for a couple of reasons. He would have a big set of guns and fear no one. Extra bonus if he actually had Dreadlocks.